Here We Are Again!

Welcome! Here we are at this very same place, again. Look around. Do you see all of the very same people who were here with you the last time? Where is this place? What have we yet to accomplish here?

We are in our homes and in our communities. We begin to help those nearest to us. Then, we help those a little further away. Then, we help those in our neighborhood. Then, we help those in our town or village. We keep extending our focus from where we are standing, radiating outward.

Does all of the unrest cause us to focus globally? It doesn’t seem to. We are instead focusing on our own finances and needs. How healthy is our bottom line? Do we have enough food and water? Do we have heat for the winter ahead?

Is the financial crisis happening in the world going to affect me? Yes, most likely. There are ways to solidify your own vulnerability to the global crisis. Start at home. Budget, plan, conserve. Cut back upon what is not necessary. Limit your spending for the holidays. Make certain that you have enough to cover your needs. Do not spend money that you don’t have!

If we have learned anything it is to cut back and conserve our own resources. There would be no global financial crisis if individuals and countries did not spend money that they didn’t have.

DEBT. This is a small word that took on a whole new existence. Did the average person know that there were countries so close to economic failure? How do we view our own country’s debt? Is it just a long list of numbers on a digital display? Do we really understand where our global economy is headed or are we in denial?

Let this holiday season remind you to take care of you and yours. Make sure you have the financial stability to provide for yourself and your family. Then look just beyond what you have and help those in need close to you. After that, look further into your community.

The lesson is to realize that your own stability allows you to be able to help others. This season is the best time to start this practise. Take care of your budget and your own debt then look for ways to help the broader community.

Allow LOVE to move you. Allow prayer to support you. Ask God for the key to your own financial freedom then turn your gratitude outward.

Blessings to you this time of year. Give others the gifts of hope, gratitude and love.


Makah Win

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  • passionfortruths  On November 30, 2011 at 2:56 am

    Ah yes, hope, gratitude and love!

    Very good choice of words.

    The economic downturn is just a renewal process for a better system in the future- one which speaks of fairness and integrity.

    Unfortunately, most just buy into the fear energy and propagate the negativity.

  • Stephanie Walker  On November 30, 2011 at 5:46 pm

    Great advice for any time! I love passionfortruth’s comment re: a renewal process and the unfortunate fear energy. Thanks to you both.

    • wellspring0fgodslove  On November 30, 2011 at 9:07 pm

      I find so much loving energy here. Some of the blogs are stunning in their “truth.” I have needed a new outlet for my desire for spiritual growth and this blog community is grand!
      It was wonderful to hear from you.

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