Love, Honesty and Appreciation in this Holiday Season

God is among us more strongly now. We are surrounded by feelings of love and peace. there are many wondrous blessings that will come our way at this time of year.

We are all given to reminisce. We think of holiday seasons past and have fond memories of our family, friends and childhood. Isn’t this the perfect time of year for our loved ones who moved away to come back for a visit? We were thinking about them anyway!

Our love grows stronger as the years go by. Forgiveness comes more easily. Love blooms around a holiday meal.

How special is this holiday season? Have we grown more content as we mature? Do we find more to love and more to laugh about? Absolutely!

There are many who share this spiritual path with us. We come to learn that family isn’t just the people we are related to but also the people we have grown to love.

This is a perfect time to look to our future and realize that there aren’t too many things that we should be upset about. Things work out on their own. We find comfort in God and we understand that our efforts to manage our earth-lives are so futile compared to the ease in which God takes care of us. Faith is far more expansive now that we have matured.

It is a comfort to know that we are well and properly cared for. Give your needs to God and you will be met with salvation. Allow your heart to melt into the consciousness of faith. Trust that all you need and much of what you want will be given at any time of year.

This is a beautiful and wondrous time, but be certain that we may immerse ourselves in this joy at any time in our lives. Family and friends draw near. Love grows tenfold. Joy abounds!

Trust. Have faith. Honor yourself and your loved ones. Remember your ancestors and plan for your descendants.

Together we dwell in the House of God. Amen.

Makah Win

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