Bring Offerings of Love

LOVE! Love is the universal language. Let us be thoughtful. Let us be considerate. Let us join together and praise Our Lord and Saviour.

We have grown so much in the past few weeks that it is time to give ourselves a pat on the back. We have managed to raise awareness of financial injustices and civil liberties at risk.

What do we have to show for all of this heightened attention? LOVE!

Love for ourselves and our fellow man. We have come to realize there are some of our neighbors in true need of a helping hand.

We have been outraged at the behavior of some big business leaders and some unscrupulous politicians. Where has our trust gone? Who is looking out for us? Is anyone looking out for us?

We have painted a grim picture of leaders in our country as well as other countries. There are people who have taken our trust and faith and then deceptively lined their own pockets.

Where do we look for someone to trust? Within ourselves. Follow your faith and follow God. Do NOT blindly follow anyone any longer. Each of our chosen leaders need to prove themselves worthy of our trust.

Even someone who professes a belief in God may have tainted intentions in the end. Please pray to Our Higher Power for direction. Ask to be set upon a path of reform and regulation. Follow this guidance even after a course has been set. It is far too easy to be misled by people who have already gained your trust before choosing a darker path. Keep up the vigilance. Reform the checks and balances in place. Seek continued involvement in each important political decision.

Do your best to no longer elect an official and then walk away. Keep all eyes upon your chosen leaders. Remember that at all times they are accountable to you. Remain involved and bring Light to all gatherings of policy and law.

Do NOT turn a deaf ear to the political machine that has repeatedly left you vulnerable. DEMAND accountability. Back the one who is just and virtuous. Do NOT allow your leaders to operate covertly for their own benefit or the benefit of their financial supporters. This behavior is no longer acceptable.

Go forward into the Light. Pray for guidance. Support those who speak “truth” to your ears. Never allow anyone to serve unaccountably.

Go With God. Amen.

Makah Win

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