Mend Mother Earth to Spur Our Evolution

This is a momentous time of upheaval. Our fathers and our forefathers are lining up beside us to usher in this next great time in earth’s history.

We are granted access to all of Creation’s intricate plan for the next few millenia. We will stall at a point of indecision but once the course is set we will advance forward at great speeds to accept our next phase of evolution.

This is a time of great brotherhood. We will see legions standing shoulder to shoulder in defiance of bureaucracy. We will champion God above the dollar. We will align with the higher good for all instead of the exhaustion of resources perpetrated by the few.

This is an Era of Golden Light. We will see our own truths as clearly as we see the truths of others. We will scrutinize our agenda and exact profound change in the process of our own salvation. We will refrain from pointing the finger at others in our nation and at other nations. We will strive to expose our own failings and make retribution to the other lands of this world.

This is a great time of transparency for our own motives and our past manipulation of world accountability. We will come forward and make amends. We will begin to take account of the earth’s resources and properly align with ways to conserve where possible.

There are many other venues of fuel and energy that have not been fully explored. We, as a people, resist change. We don’t want to convert our coal-burning facilities to a cleaner, more abundant source of energy. We refuse to allow wind turbines to be erected. We waste timber. We pollute our own water. We resist spending more for solar panels.

Humans take a lax view of our wasteful ways. If we are not confronted with our own abuse of resources than it must not be happening. “Out of sight, out of mind.”

Let us all gather together to remedy the woes of rampant abuse of earth’s resources. We are a smart and resourceful people. We would easily develop new ways of providing energy to meet all of our needs in each country.

Join the collective to address and meet the needs of your community. Allow free thought. Remain open-minded to alternative resources. Problem- solve. Pool money and intellect to combat widespread waste.

Honor our Mother. Mend her wounds. Bring hope to balance her tiredness. We will travel forward by many eons as long as we  do not destroy our Home.

Go forward in God’s Love. Amen.

Makah Win

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