Where Has The Time Gone?

Where have we gone in these last few days? What has happened to our new objective to reform money and business in this country?

The energy is there but the focus is lacking.

Gather together and send bountiful, beautiful energy to all of the positive things that have been initiated recently. Do NOT send any energy to the subversive elements that have sprouted up.

Cast your opinion upon what agendas meet with your desire to promote reformed good health and well-being of your neighbors and yourself. Give Light to that movement. Try not to unintentionally promote the darker and more subversive forces.

Gather together in prayer. Invite God into your circle of friends. Begin by making changes in your local area and then move further out into the broader community. Try not to lose your initiative. Give a greater response to the greater need and leave good feelings and hope in your wake.

Light is the most profound way to give the gift of God to those you love. Give each person you greet in a day a positive outlook on many things that are impacting both of you. Find communion at home, at work, in the gym, at the basketball game…

Love increases exponentially when shared with others. It will not take long to notice the impact of what you are trying to achieve.

The darkness is being pushed out of some very important places in your world. Join in this effort. See the profound changes that will follow soon after.

Bring yourself, your children, your parents, your friends to the threshold of God. Allow them to sense the profound love that you have found with the Lord. Give the most important people in your life the greatest gift of love and salvation.

Allow your mind and heart and soul to swell with Divine Energy. Take great strides in sharing this miracle with those you love.

Together we gather in the Light of God. Amen.

Makah Win

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