Ascension to the Next Level of Creation

We are HERE! We are at the precipice of our new engagement with one another. We have looked into the eyes of one another and have decided to take another step further!

We two are such magical beings. We both want only the best for ourselves and for the other. We long to rejoin and rejoice with one another.

Take a step toward me. See the passion for justice in my eyes. See the truth of redemption in my heart. We long to intertwine and set the Earth community forward by giant leaps!

How do we reach this goal? Ponder. Think about how we long to be together in the Afterlife. How will we get there together? We will match each step, one for the other. We will proceed with grace and measure if we have made an improvement or an unintended delay. If we proceed with honor and grace we will celebrate each achievement! We will continue until we are one again in the  palace of God.

Here we are. We await the next step with great excitement. We join arm and arm and look toward redemption. We gather our children and our elders and come home.

Our success is obvious and profound. Bring yourself and all others back to the foot of God. Welcome home. Let us sit beside one another and tell tales of our journey. Let us rejoice at our successful union. Let us share our energy from one to the other and feel blessed to have come home, again.

This is a most auspicious time. Hold our hands as we hold yours. Let us celebrate this union and gather our loved ones together as we ascend to the next level of creation.

Go with God. Amen.

Makah Win

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