This New Age Has Begun!

“It is great to be here with all of you. We, on the Other Side have noticed that a larger amount of you have been ushered in to a new level of Creation that has just been opened.”

“This has been thought about for many ages and We decided that it was time to start. We have been in communication with many of you in the past few years. We have found many open hearts who were willing to listen to us prepare for this time in your Earth-evolution.”

“We are pleased to welcome all of you. We have sent a similar message to many of the people who channel the thoughts and messages from the Other Side. Have you noticed the similarity? Many have.”

“This is the dawn of this feminine era which is full to bursting with energy for love, family and personal advancement. Do not be put out by the ‘feminine’ distinction. This is merely a way of looking at the tenderness and nurturing side of your Earth inhabitants.”

“We will make many distinctions about the different types of female energy that is being flooded into your plane of existence. The first of which is aptly known as the Expectant Mother Age. It is completely appropriate that we begin here. All of human life begins in the womb of a mother, does it not?”

“We expect new advances in medicine. A returned focus on home and hearth and less focus upon global events and economies. We will seek to ‘take care of our own.’ This is a popular concept among many protestors. Let us take care of our homeless and needy instead of trying to relieve these issues in other countries.”

“This focus will make grand advances in healthcare and social reform. Let us heal our young. Let us empower our own youth. Let us commit to raising our own awareness about the injustices in daily life.”

“How wonderful it will be to nurture our sick and needy. What a thrill to save our own infants from an early death. How majestic to see us take care of our own elders and homeless.”

“It does not mean that we no longer love the people of this planet, it only means that we must take care of our own people living on our soil first. You may wonder what would happen to the injustices of the world? They will take care of their own as well.”

“If the banking industry were to be reformed, each country would have its own resources to use to aid their own people. We do so much cross-contamination that this will be a welcomed relief when it occurs. Leave each country with its own resources and debt. Allow them to find their own way back to well-being. Every country will be able to recuperate their own losses.”

“Empower every country to heal their sick and feed their hungry. We may all share in the medical advances but let each country appropriate the supplies they will need for themselves. This will be a liberating experience!”

“Some may question our tactics but those I would say, ‘Let there be Light in every corner of the planet not just in our own.’ Allow us to help you move forward in this new age of feminine energy. Believe in us. Take heart that we know what to do to heal what is ailing your planet.”

“Trust in us.”

” Look to this new age as an expectant mother would. Does she prepare for all the births in her home town? No. She prepares for the birth of her own son or daughter. Does she clothe and feed all babies everywhere? No. She focuses gingerly and intently upon her own.”

“Trust in this new direction. We all expected great changes with the 11-11-11 portal opening. Here it is. Care for your neighbor and your cousin. Watch over the elders in your area. Guide the children of your neighborhood. Nurture and clothe your wounded returning from war.”

“Turn your focus toward our own lives, our families, our parents and brothers. There are injustices all over this world and there are people to care for them there. Let it be. Allow God to care for each and every soul where they each live.”

“You are not the caretakers of the entire planet. Empower people to serve in their own region and right what has gone wrong in their own lives.”

“Serve and be served. Establish a community of people who live closely to you. Your neighborhood is the best neighborhood to benefit from the charity in your heart.”

“Go with God. Amen.”

Makah Win

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