Beauty, Love, Grace

Here we are at this new point in time. We look to each other for clues as to how to share and to move forward in the Light. We have blossomed into a grander community and now we need direction for our new Light, our new promise, our renewed faith in God.

This is the dawn of our newly enlightened movement. We need more love and more Light and we will succeed in making progress in social reforms and the reigning in of big business.

We are content at this point to have enlarged our ranks with the newly enlightened people here on Earth. Now is the time to regroup and march forward in the resolution of our debt-driven economy and to return to a more stable economic foundation.

We are to begin and to begin again in our global efforts to rehabilitate the world economy. This is the time to plan for not only ourselves but for our future generations. We must stand strong and remain undivided in this effort.

God wants us to plan more efficiently for our future generations. We need not dwindle all of our earth resources in such a short and ill-planned time. We will come together to see our way forward and make better resolutions for caring ever more deeply for Mother Earth. We must sense, in a profound way, that we will not survive without our home.

Pray to God. Pray to our ancestors. Pray to all of our Heavenly Hosts to help us renew our pledge to live in connection to the needs of Our Mother and stop the waste of her resources. We must replace everything we take with a sense of gratitude and renewal. Give back to Earth everything we have stripped from her. We do not need to stop the use of renewable resources but we do have to  give her some semblance of compensation.

We honor and uphold our faith in God and our Mother Earth.

Rejoice in our new global community. Amen.

Makah Win

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