Let No One be Left Behind

Love Divine! Intent Divine. Awareness Divine. Support Divine.

Love is the universal language for all ages. We notice the feelings of love from others even when we are not involved in their interaction or their conversation. We sense it. We feel it. We want to experience it.

Love transcends all barriers of age and wisdom. We long for love and yet do not know how to get love. We have not seen that providing love to the universe is the key to that magic door of attaining love.

We may express love in all manners and in various ways. We look to nature as well as to our human relationships for love. We wander and seek for much of our lives until we realize that what we want and need was right here all along!

God has given us all that we need. Love is the most abundant and precious resource we have. We are not alone. We are not isolated. We are not abandoned. We have never been sent away from love, at all. If we feel a lack of love it is because we have turned cold to it all on our own.

Our own lack and feelings of need have overshadowed our acceptance of God’s Love. We have placed the barriers between God and ourselves. God has not.

We spend much of our lives feeling unworthy. These are feelings isolated to us alone. God has not, even once, determined that anyone is undeserving of His Love. 

Turn your pale face into the bright and intense glow of God’s Love. Surround yourself in the warm comfort of God’s Grace. Accept that you are loved above all others because you choose to accept it. You realized that you are not excluded. You have not been shunned. You have long been accepted into the fold of God’s Eternal Grace! 

We have much to do in this Time of Grand Enlightenment. We will bond together and bring ourselves and others forward into success and prosperity. This is a time of brotherhood and faith. No longer will we walk alone and shun those who offer us eternal life. We will move forward in strength. We will express our need for everyone to succeed and to accomplish.

Turn away your desire to stay in darkness. Turn toward and seek the Light. There are many who will be touched by the Grace of God in this New Age of Hope and still be determined to turn away yet again. Those lonely few will shun the chance at eternal salvation because they know no better. These souls are accustomed to being put down and disrespected. They will find discomfort in the glow of this energy shift. They will yet again turn from hope to hopelessness.

Let us Light Workers remember these lost and lonely souls. If they yet again turn from the Light let us give prayer to their pain and torment. Let us infuse their desolate lives with the energy of God, Angels, Jesus and all of our Heavenly Hosts.

Let no one be left behind. Pray for the enlightenment of all of our fellow humans. Stand in prayer to bathe our lost brothers in the Light of God and Eternal Salvation!

We have brought ourselves to the Lord. Let us not forget to bring all of humanity to God. Take part in the universal meditations that blanket your area. Attend your local prayer group. Start your own prayer list.

Offer a hand to those in need and see that this is what God has wanted you to do all along.

Go with God, Amen.

Makah Win

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  • Pat Cegan  On November 12, 2011 at 8:45 pm

    Beautiful message. There can be no darkness where there is love and light. Reach out and help others and in doing so find your own light. hugs, pat

    • wellspring0fgodslove  On November 14, 2011 at 2:34 pm

      Thank you for your comment. I am finding true inspiration from all of the beautiful souls here at wordpress. My life has grown exceptionally since joining. I spend so much time reading inspiring posts that I feel a giant boost in my own light! Thank you for being a part of this supportive community.

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