This New Age of Enlightenment

This is a time of TRUE enlightenment! Love abounds. Honor overcomes. Wellness is pervasive.

We will all stand together at this point of true awakening and bask in the Glory of God and the truth of this demension.

We will all stand one beside the other and sing a choral to the Heavens! Angels will abound! All of the Glory will seep into every particle of our beings leaving us content and blessed.

We will look upon this world with eyes anew. We will open our hearts to our neighbors and worship the Earth upon which we stand.

It will be impossible to miss the jubilation of God’s True Glory.

the pool of love will be boundless. The potential for forgiveness never ending. The depth of praise unfathomable.

We will walk forward together with locked arms and true awe-inspiring wisdom. We will look to each side and honor our fellow traveler in this rejuvenated land!

What will we gain from this time of rapid enlightenment? LOVE! HONOR! FAITH! REDEMPTION! SALVATION!

We will awaken the next morn and know deep in our hearts our minds and our souls that we have come to the precipice of God’s Glorious Home. We will “know” in our hearts that we have met our Creator and basked in His Glory.

What grand honor we have received! What will we do with all of the new found energy and enlightenment? Who will we honor at our table? Who will we support in matters of law? Who has gained our deep respect?

The possibilities are endless! This is truly a time when God will walk beside us and lead us to salvation.

Honor ourselves. Honor our ancestors. Honor our loved ones. Honor God.

In The Glory of His Name, Amen.

Makah Win

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