The New Energy

Makah Win-

The new energy seems to be subsiding. Mother Earth is turning over into her sluggish, sleepy state. She muses about the next year to come and is sending healing energy to those who cherish her. She sits quietly and reviews the past year in her life and wonders at how many new faces she has seen come forward and take a stand against monopolies and corruption. She looks forward to the new year because she counts on these new faces to stay beside her and nurture her just as she has nurtured all of us.

She is excited for the coming age and welcomes everyone to worship God, the Creator and the All That Is.

We guides are seeing a higher thinking in many earth lives. People are less concerned about their material possessions and more concerned about their fellow-man.

There is a misstep in our current existence. There is a disconnect between what is desired and what is. We wish for equality and fairness yet we will not give up our status or our wealth. We will look around us and wish for retribution as long as we get ours first. We want equality as long as we don’t have to give anything up.

This is a fallacy that will play out for the next few years. We will also see this in our political leaders. We want to hear about fairness and just compensation but we want to select who benefits and who does not.

This dynamic will play out again and again. Eventually the earth-inhabitors will realize that love means love for everyone. Fairness means fairness for all. Compensation is available for everyone.

We need to break down those barriers that keep all of us from blending perfectly together. Race, color, language and religion are NOT what determines how well we do in everyday life. We are all entitled to God’s love. We all need a break or a hand up. No one group of people are more deserving than another.

The goal of this planet is to meld everyone until there are no distinction between races or wealth. We will become a world civilization with the only barriers being our physical location.

We will value and nurture Mother Earth. Our world community will take great measures to heal and uphold our planet. Legislation will be passed to promote other means of heat and fuel. Repairs will be made as needed.

We will all see through the veil of consumption and ravage and make gigantic strides in healing the earth and our lives.

One fact I have shared before is, when people prophesied the “End of the World” it is not Mother Earth that will cease to exist, it is us. The end of the world is the end of human inhabitants.

The balance of wealth and power is needed to promote our own existence.

Share with others. Give to those in need. Change our reliance upon Earth’s resources. Some of this is simple and painless. Other steps are difficult and may require some sacrifice.

Create a perfect balance between Heaven and Earth. Hold each in a place of honor in your life. Realize that by sharing your assets with others is a great step toward the revitalization of the human being in our necessary environment.

Go With God,

Makah Win

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  • nancieteresa  On October 31, 2011 at 2:46 pm

    Greetings! I found your blog through your “like” on my blog. Always good to connect with others around the energy of God!

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