Go With Grace, Go With God

Lisa- I have gotten some feedback about the feminine energy which will shape this new age we are about to embark upon. Other bloggers have posted similar content. This makes me feel at peace because the information that I am channeling resonates with others on a spiritual path.

Makah Win- Be gentle and still. Breathe quietly and be still. Connect with your inner being and make ready to align with your soul more perfectly.

There is much to be done. All of this additional energy must be focused and used for the greater good. Set your many material needs aside. What would you give to the world? A new car or a belief in Heaven? We all must closely examine our motives. What do we consider successful? Is material wealth necessary for soul growth? Do we need more things?

Offer yourself to the others in the world without consideration of financial compensation. What would it take for us to work for free? Is this too much to ask? Yes. We, who are Higher Guides know that money is necessary. Humans require food and shelter, at the very least. We also know that some material goods are acceptable to have.

What we would like is for you to donate some of your time to those in need. Keep your daily job but offer others some of your undivided attention. We believe that you would gain an unmeasurable amount of information that would help you along your path as well.

The more you experience about the world from other points of view, the more you gain in clarity and knowledge. Your flight into the beyond will be vastly more enterprising if you share your life with those in different situations. Ask your questions. Gather your answers. Rejoice in knowing what others find valuable. Cherish the lives of those less fortunate. Learn from the contrast that their lives have, compared to your own. Celebrate our differences! 

Offer your footsteps as God offered us His footsteps through Jesus. Allow the ministry to continue, through you, into the generations to come.

Let us come together and praise this New World Energy Shift. Go with grace. Go with God.


Makah Win

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