protest, or not

Where have we come to this point?

What new ideas and energies have evolved during this time enlightenment?

Who has shown themselves to us as someone who may lead in this next age?

What has been accomplished by the turmoil and upheaval?

There have been many bright realizations in this time of protest and upheaval. People have stepped forward to lead. Others have stepped forward to follow. There are many advances in the general consensus about what type of services or treatment we will submit to. We have decided not to be held down any longer. We have stated our goals and have expected our leaders to listen and pay attention.

We feel empowered by the motion of this change. We are not allowing ourselves to be oppressed or violated. We believe we deserve respect and consideration.

What does this mean for us? Change.

We don’t all feel the need to protest. Some of us don’t even want our lives to change. Yet many others of us are happy! We all have different life goals. Some of us preach through peace others through fire and brimstone. We all have our place in this dynamic world.

It is possible to happily continue on our current path. The only change could be more joy and love. We may be healers who continue to heal. That’s great! We may be servers or chefs. It is all Ok. Balance is a beautiful thing.

We do not need to protest in any manner. Simply do what feels the most satisfying and natural to you. It is fine that some may lead and others follow. Some may sing and others may shout. That is the beauty of this dynamic and ever-changing place. “Occupy” whatever place makes the most sense for you.

Don’t feel bad for not demonstrating. Express yourself  in a manner that resonates for you. If your next door neighbor wants to march against injustice, wish them well. Give your support in any venue that you feel is most natural for you.

Live, love, laugh, cry. Enjoy your place in this world. Decide when and where others may hear your opinion and witness this bold and beautiful expansion that is happening before us.

Go with God.


Makah Win

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