channeling my higher guide

I am Lisa. I have been channeling for just the past few years and only seldom. These posts are composed by channeling my higher guide, Makah Win, pronounced mah-kah ween. She is draped in golden light and places herself at my apex or directly above my crown. 

When I started this blog I thought I would be discussing the many difficulties of my life both in the past and present. That didn’t happen. I ended up channeling instead.

Remember, I am human just as you are. Theses posts are information channeled from a higher energy plane. Sometimes I struggle to completely wrap myself around what is being shared in these posts.

There are times I feel far inferior because I am not able to fully accept what is being spoken. I am human and on a spiritual path. Me, as a person, may not have any more answers than you. I do enjoy spending this time with you and I have no intention of stopping.

Remember, WE are in this together. I am imperfect as we all are.

Love & Light, Lisa

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