The Divine Shift to Enlightenment

Makah Win- The cycle of change is gaining momentum. We will shortly go from still and content to fastidious and unmercilessly endowed. We will be moving at great speeds trying to keep up with all of the new energy we will encounter.

When will it start? Soon. There is no set time for a beginning or an end. Soon is best described by the end of this year and very early in the next. (That would be 2012, in case you’ve made the connection.)

How long will it last? Unknown. We may perpetuate the Divine flow or we may hasten its end. This flow is based entirely upon our reaction to it and the use of it. If this influx is met with organized defiance then it will end shortly after it has begun. It is possible to continue its influence in targeted areas by uniting together and promoting receptivity to it.

Where will we be when it ends? Very near to where you are now but in a higher dimension and vibration. Your home and job will be the same but your perception of the Divine will be ten-fold!

What do we do if we feel we may be missing it? Pray to God and spirit to allow you to feel, hear and sense the flow despite any negative condition that may be around you.

Who sets the goals of this Divine wave of energy? You do. You decide for yourself and no other. this is not a “community” occurence but an “individual” event. You decide how God will bless and promote you. You set your goals and then remain open to receiving them. If you have young children they will have a shift of their own when they are mature enough to accept it.

When do we know if we have reached the desired outcome? Right away. If you feel the rush of victory and the profound sense of being whole then you have done well. It will feel like a wave of God’s Divine Love and Acceptance has immersed you completely. We will each look at our lives and be all at once in awe and in acceptance, then we have successfully rode the wave of Divine Light.

Will there be another wave? Absolutely. You will be notified well in advance of the next flood of Divine energy.

What is the greatest outcome we may experience? ASCENSION! You may realize a shift to being closer to your higher self and existing at a higher vibration.

Will we come together to acknowledge each others gifts? Yes, if you are aware of the wave and had known to reach higher you will not be able to stop talking about it and sharing it with others.

Where will the most profound effect be felt? In your heart.

Love always,

Makah Win

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  • passionfortruths  On October 13, 2011 at 6:23 am


    Yeah, the Ascension process has gained so much momentum! A lot of people are awakening to the new energies of unity, equality and integrity!

    We are also living in the new Age of Aquarius which spells self-empowerment!

    How nice it is for you to share your experiences and thoughts – adding yet another push in the right direction of the Ascension of Earth.

    Many blessings to you.

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