Allow the Protest to March Right by You

What happens when the world is flushed with massive amounts of Divine energy? Chaos, apparently.

Have we lost our way? Have we forgotten to prioritize our needs? Who is left behind to keep the necessary tasks of life happening?

What happened?

Ask as many fellow Light Travelers to remain calm and to use this new influx of energy for the betterment of your earthly existence. Are you still praying? Have you considered what your next step to your enlightenment would be? Don’t let this unfamiliar energy get you caught up in ways which have nothing to do with the betterment of your soul.

Step aside and allow the protest to march right by you. Remain in the Light. Keep your calm. Divert your attention to the matters of love, contentment, satisfaction and atonement. What have you gained in your desire to rejoin God in Heaven? How are your kindred spirits doing in their very same quest?

Who has time to Occupy Protest? Not us. We have Light to bring into this world. We have wounds to heal and a future to cultivate.

Step aside and let the nay sayers travel their own path. Allow them to spend a vast amount of energy trying to change what isn’t anywhere near about to be changed. It is as if they are wasting large amounts of personal energy and resources to make themselves stand out among their peers. What is being accomplished? Very little.  

Relax. Have communion with God. Seek what would be best accomplished by your attention and direction.

Who have you lifted up today? 

Who’s fears have you allayed?

Who’s direction have you helped to solidify?

Seek ONLY these truly humanity-related goals. Occupy the space next to your child or your best friend. Hold hands with a fellow traveller and help guide their ascension. Stop and give someone in need some time in your day.

WORSHIP and PRAISE GOD! OCCUPY the seats of your church or synagogue. LOVE all others. PREACH of salvation and ascension. GIVE those in need your time. MAKE your place at the Table of God. SPEND your human life learning love, peace and charity.

This is as it should be.

Go With Light,

Makah Win

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