Care Deeply for Mother Earth

Good morning fellow Light Traveler. All is well. All is good.

We have much to discuss today.

The leadership of the world is shifting. Many people are being overcome by the “radical right.” This is the most simple clue that humans are in need of a voice in their government, health care, charity and many more of a broad spectrum of topics. Why do we see this unrest? Again, we refer to the SHIFT. It is coming much quicker than before. As more people tap into this new demand-for-change mindset this shift gains more potency and clarity.

We will welcome a new age in just a few short years. Does it make sense that we need to care more deeply for our environment and our Motherly (earth) resources? We have brought so much darkness upon ourselves by following our pocketbook instead of our love for God and Mother Earth. Where would we be without them both? What would sustain our greedy lives without heaven and earth?

This is a profound yet very real subject. We all need to take our care of Mother more seriously. We need to limit the ravages of her resources and care more deeply for her future. It is often said that the world will end in _ _ _ _ . Please understand that it is NOT that the world will end but rather WE will end. Mother will live on whether she is inhabited or not!

Stop now and take account of what you use and what you give. Do you replace all of the resources that you mine and harvest? No! Absolutely not. It is time to change the “universal mindset” and care for Mother in a more broad sweeping and profound way.

Stop waste. Stop strip mining. Stop the rape of timber lands. Stop the collection of mineral resources. We need to be more conscientious of how we treat our planet.

Allow God…Allow Mother…allow growth…allow the cultivation of resources without stripping the Earth…allow love of ALL of God’s earthly creatures…allow faith in God and the human condition to resonate in all of our hearts.

Use only what we need. Cultivate regrowth and rebirth. Honor your Mother and your Father.

Step in the footprints of your ancestors so that you reuse that which has already been used and regrown. Strip not your Mother of all of her gifts. Put a stop to all harmful practices which endangers our Mother’s ability to sustain us. And always remember that she is not endangered but it is we who are endangered.

My love and my intent to make you whole again,

Makah Win

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