The Light of God

I woke up this morning feeling truly blessed. The uncertainty that I have felt in the last few days is gone. I cancelled all of my plans and got some extra sleep. Today I am ME again!

Makah Win-The Light of God is everywhere around us. We don’t always see it, as my medium has discovered. She was tired and feeling alone. The Light felt distant and uncaring but this was merely a reflection of her tiredness and feeling negative. She has come back to the Light . The Glory has begun again.


There are many things swirling in your earth plane. There are financial concerns. There is a cautious belief that you are exhausting your mineral and oil resources. There is a dramatic shift in your political climate. 


Because there are unused spirit energies and your human mind has thought of no better way to handle this increased flow. Your financial and political realities are no different then this same time last year. Your perceptions are vastly different.

There really is no crisis occurring. No one thing has changed very dramatically. You are noticing an increased spirit presence and this is causing you to feel anxious and crowded. Relax. The flow is for spiritual advancement only. Those of you who know and love God will receive a giant boost in vitality. The others who have not accepted God as their savior will experience a scattering of their senses. They know something is happening they just don’t know what it is.

The spiritual community understands and will hold vigilence when this tidal wave of enlightenment arrives. “We” will gather together and say grace. “We” will commune and break bread together and celebrate this new age again and again. “We” will take solace in the Greatness of our God. “We” will be humbled by the immense outpouring of spritual love we are about to receive.

LOVE. The answer to every question is LOVE. The basis of every relationship is LOVE. The understanding of human emotion  is LOVE. “We” are in the know. “We” understand that we are CHOSEN from amoung our peers for this great and passionate outpouring of LOVE.

God is beside us at all times. He has sent his greatest servants to stand beside us in this wave of Glory. “We” are in the best company as we walk forward into the Light. “We” will walk hand in hand to bathe in the power of God’s Love.

Let us bow our heads. Let us give thanks for our most divine gifts. Let us pray for all of our souls and invite the Lord into our human existence.

Glory be yours. God be your Savior. Knowing be your salvation.

All of My Love,

Makah Win

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