Divine Flow

Today seems as if there is a rapid stream of consciousness flowing near where I am. It is almost as if I may reach out and touch it. Or maybe I could step inside it.
Why would I not envelope myself immediately? Maybe as a human in this heavy plane I fear change. Or maybe I’m concerned that what is expected of me to partake of this flow will be too draining or time consuming. It is as if I am actively choosing to stay outside of the Divine Flow for petty reasons.
Someone give me a push!

I connect with my Higher Guide, Makah Win.

The robe of gold is wrapped around my shoulders. I am comforted by a reassuring arm around my shoulder. I am content and at peace.

Makah Win- There are more stages and steps to be taken to partake of this next Divine Shift. You are correct. Others of your guild have sensed it as well. It is not a bad experience that is coming but it is a mind-altering time. “We” will notice that time seems to move more quickly. “We” will get behind on some minor things such as some bills or correspondance. “We” will sit and wonder “where has the time gone?”
Some of us will know what has occured but the majority of souls will not. God is sending more spirit to stand beside us.There will be a building wave of caution and turmoil. We will be stymied for a moment or a day and then we will continue on.
The occurances will not seem related but they are. They feeling of movement will be carried along by the masses. “We” will believe that some important things have resolved and yet others will believe that times have gotten much harder.
What is the reason for the different levels of perception? Perspective.
Those who are enlightened will see this as a major influx of spiritual energy. Those who are not in the know will express fear and confusion. Relax. All is well.
It will be as if God is sending a new, massive amount of spiritual energy to Earth to assist us to ascend. The time to make your decisions about whether you will remain ignorant or accept your enlightening is coming soon.
There are many Masters who have been sent to your plane in recent months. They are there to guide you. They may ask the right questions or offer enlightening bits of information. They will stand within the masses and try to keep everyone focused.
This energy has been noted in the recent protests and flash mob activity. Everyone is sensing the flow of energy but some are transferring it into destructive forces. This is not surprising and is expected.
Will we , as humans, use this energy for the purpose of ascension, enlightenment and co-creating? Will we recognize the nearness of Our Savior? Will we step away from further darkness and carry the Light forward?
These are romantic questions. Answers will be slipped from one to another with a whisper or a nod. There will be a note giving you a hint or perhaps a blog with lightbulb moment.
“We” in the know will use this Divine Flow to nurture and strengthen our relationship with God. “We” will greet each other at the meeting or hug at the dance recital.”We” will make positive and loving statements about our family, friends and aquaintances.
“We’ are on the path. “We” will know that a great amount of progress has just been made. “We” will wake each morning and declare our love for God!
This is the perfect time to know ourselves and move forward with Light, Love and intent.

Enjoy this gift from God, our loving Savior.

Bless you upon your path,
Makah Win

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  • Pat Cegan  On October 23, 2011 at 12:12 am

    I love what your guide is sharing. It rings so similar to what I am receiving through my poetry. I started my blog a year ago this week and had never written a poem or read a blog when I started. I never read poetry and did not think i liked it. Then, my guide asked me to begin Source of Inspiration, my blog which you visited today. Now, there are probably close to 2000 poems this year! Thank you for visiting me and helping me find you. It is reassuring to find others who are receiving these beautiful messages. I recently learned of a woman in Portugal who is receiving inspirational poems in English and she knows only Portuguese! I believe a web of Light is forming across the globe with us a points of Light. Keep going, your messages ring with truth. Hugs, pat

    • wellspring0fgodslove  On October 24, 2011 at 2:59 pm

      Wonderful! Thank you for the message. I am feeling this forward push so strongly. My problem is releasing control to God. I always tend to direct my own life! I am still working on this.
      Thank you for taking time to connect with me. I sense you are loving and enlightened. I wish you the greatest blessings on your path. I too, enjoy finding people similar to me.

      Love & Light,

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