I’m starting to relax

I’m new here and I have been a little too stressed. I’m starting to relax now because I am finding so many beatiful and talented people. This is starting to feel like a community for me.
I am pleased to be here with all of you.

Channeling my Higher Guide: Makah Win

Her light is golden and she may come to you also if you wish. If you notice a female figure draped in gold after reading any of my posts then she has come to you also.
She is strong and her words are emotionally powerful. Enjoy.

Makah Win- There needs to be more love in this Earth plane. You wander around and feel so alone if you have no one to keep you company. You are not alone. Speak to your guides who are always near you. Ask for a sign that they are “here.”
They bring you gentle reminders that you came here with the intent of finding God and you also brought along some souls to help. They come to you in dreams. They speak to you when you are driving or when you are about to doze. They support you in all of your circumstances and are NEVER too far away to hear you when you call for help.
Love is the medium of communication between you and your guides. We all find comfort in the emotion of love. Angels are drawn to love also.
Be hopeful and loving. View even the most painful and difficult situations as an opportunity to learn. Find promise in every interaction. See the silver lining around every cloud.
All of your Earth experiences are intended for you to learn and still find hope. Please find God even though life sometimes feels tragic and endless. The hope of Me and all of your Divine Guides is to one day welcome you back into the Kingdom of God.
Everyday life is not unsurmountable. It never is. There is always an opportunity to find God. In fact, the most difficult times are the best to find love, prayer, faith and hope.
You may say, “well I’m being beaten and abused and that is definitely too much to bear!” But even in these hopeless times one may find God.
Have FAITH. This will get you through anything. There may be a way back to Love and Light even though it all seems hopeless.
Communicate with God and your Divine Guides. Speak to them about how you feel and what you need.
Ask for an answer.
Search for hope.
Find love in your heart and in the heart of others.
You are not alone.
No one has forgotten you.
You ARE worthy and love will find you even in the darkest corners.

God With God,
Makah Win
(mah-kah ween)

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