Please, Ask Your Questions

I know the least of your worries are the amount of love you have in your heart and how many times you smile in a day but I assure these things are important too.

God shines more brightly when the canvas of you is bright and airy. He is allowed a more personal connection with you when there are no darkened areas or sadness.

Liken it to your human life when someone needs to approach you with important information. Are you more easily approached if you seem stressed and irritable or when you are smiling and feeling light-hearted? Obviously when you are feeling positive, right? So this is the same thing when God wants to express his love for you. Be open minded and hopeful and His message is more clear and powerful.

God honors you each and every day. He sends his direction even when you are feeling low and depressed. His love never wavers. It is your receptivity to his love that changes.

This is likened to you in your childhood. You receive direction from parents and others that help you learn and grow. Think of God as your Father. He wants only for you to learn and grow and be happy. He is ALWAYS available to you for love and guidance. Open your heart and open your ears. Love flows to you at all times from your loving Creator.

Give God a chance. Open and receive. Be His best pupil and make a grand life for yourself on this Earth-plane. Hope springs eternal and so does the love you receive from the Divine.

There are many questions you wish to ask. Please do so. I have found my medium to speak with you in your human form. She wishes only to help and I LIVE to offer you the answers to ALL of your questions.

Rest assured, I come from God. I bless you with golden light. My medium does not appraoch you in greed or ego needs, she is here to help.

My Eternal Love,
Makah Win
(mah-kah ween)

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