You Are Welcome in God’s Home

Makah Win
You are welcome in God’s home. The welcome mat is out. He/She is greatful for this new chance to speak to you, the source of His blessings. He wants only the best for you. He knows that times become difficult. He also knows that times get better and more powerful with prayer and enlightenment!

He has a path for each of you. He has set that path directly before you. He encourages each and every step that you take. Find your path by becoming still and quiet. Relax to the point of steady, deep breathing. Ask your question and remain calm for the answer.

Listen with all of your senses. Set aside your insecurities and doubt. Listen, feel and ALLOW God to speak to you.

If you learn visually, he will bring a vision to you.

If you learn from being spoken to, he will speak to you.

If you learn from following your heart, he will lead your heart to salvation.

He/She will guide your every step each and every day if you allow Him to. Listen for all of His direction. Follow the hints he leaves for you. Allow him to dwell in all of your senses.

Suppose for a minute that He is always at your side encouraging your every move. What would be the best outcome? How would this aid you in your desire to be happy and fulfilled? Guess what! He is beside you at all times. He is there to give direction and to answer questions. He loves you always. He NEVER turns his back to you.

Allow him to share in every moment that you go through. Allow him to be your best friend and your greatest supporter! Stop believing that you are all alone in this world. There is never a moment when you are completely alone. Never.

Allow your soul to soar. Allow every atom of your being to light with Joy and Love. Be your own best friend and accept the help offered to you from God himself!

Open your eyes and believe in your Divine Purpose. ALLOW love and well-being to translate into success and wonder. Be the most loving and spiritual being and lead not only yourself but others to the Divine reality that we are all One and we all deserve and have our Creator as our highest guide!

Please offer me direction in which way to go to make the most of my channeling for you. I am open to any direction that WE need to go. WE are in this together and I have finally found my place in this world.

We are all welcome in God’s home. We have a place at the dinner table and we have a place to lay down and rest. We may want to chat by the fire or sit on the porch and watch all of God’s wonders evolve and manifest.

Open your mind to being a perfect child of God. You don’t have to wait to come home. Just know that you already are.

Makah Win is at your service.

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