Living The Absolution Life

I recently lost my brother-in-law. He was healthy most of his life and began to deteriorate about 5 years before his death. The odd thing is he never received a diagnosis. For that many years of obvious mental decline, there wasn’t an answer. He was 82 when he passed.

I don’t make a habit out of scanning the lives of loved ones or other people I know. That’s ethical. No one needs me snooping around unless they want me to. So, what I didn’t realize was how very spiritual he was. I was blown away by his faith that I wasn’t aware of until after he died. My niece wanted to know how he was doing and she definitely had fear about his opinion of her. There were many troubled years in their family that really started well before she was born. She felt very responsible for a lot of struggle she brought to her parents. So when I tapped into his existence after death, I was stunned to find that he held no ill will or grudge of any kind. None. He died in absolution. What I didn’t know was that he lived in absolution as well. I shuddered in the realization and was reduced to tears. How does someone live over 80 years and have no guilt, remorse or unfinished business!

I went to his wake and my sister asked, “What did you see?” Again, I told of how he passed without negativity, unfinished business or remorse. I told her that I have never seen that before and how truly special this is. She didn’t seem surprised. She took what I had to say as if it was precisely what she expected. She smiled broadly.

I sat with another sister and told her the same news and she said, “I hope to do the same.” Yes, this is a grand goal in one’s life. I would like to do the same, but I know that I won’t. I carry too much around with me. I don’t know how to let go.

I knew immediately that I had to share the news. This was unheard of in my circles but also a good goal for each of us to share. Now where do we start?

To me it seems like a daily rite is needed. Likely at the start and finish of every day. We have to set an intention to be open to grace and release all negativity that we tend to gather. Then at night we must let go of what he either chose to hold on to or what we held on to unbeknown to us. Cleansing and release. Flushing out whatever we hold that is not knowledge, learning or forgiveness. Letting go of energy that is not worthy of us.

We must also look upon others with the same grace that we wish for ourselves. Any negative experience is intended as a lesson. Acknowledge that lesson and remember it so we must never experience that same negativity again. In this perspective we don’t hold any grudges because we are grateful for the knowledge. The messenger is merely the means with which we are taught. Someone in our circle was tasked with teaching us something important. We must harbor no ill will for they are a part of our learning and the ascension of our soul. They have done us a favor of sorts. With that awareness we may move forward in peace.

One thing that I will acknowledge is the need to protect ourselves from the negativity that we have now been made aware of. Fool me once… fool me twice… Your awareness is always growing and aligning with your purpose. If someone is repeatedly damaging your energy in the same ways, you must be aware and protect yourself from repeated damage. Can you do this without anger or frustration? That is likely something we need to practice. I envision with repeated attempts it may become easier and hopefully second nature. “Thank you for this experience, I have learned from it, and I harbor no negative energy toward you. God placed you in my life as a teacher. I am grateful for this experience. Now, go with God.”

It seems possible. It will take effort and daily attention. Perhaps the best way is to recognize when you are angry or frustrated. Look inward to see what lesson you are learning and why. If we may release the negativity at the inception of contrast, we may be in a constant state of acceptance. This sounds like a worthy goal.

You may want to look for posts about absolution in the history of this site. I focused on this idea many times over the years. In fact, I wondered why more people weren’t interested in this topic. If you have the attention of a psychic medium, why wouldn’t you want to know how to get into Heaven? I have posts about Heaven as well. There is a gold mine of information here for you. Hopefully you will find what resonates with you.

Becoming aware of a person who was able to Cross Over without any baggage or unfinished business was an eye-opening experience for me. It pushed me to post about it and find the first of many steppingstones on which to find this path. It is a worthy goal. I didn’t know that this was possible. I assumed that we all had instilled experiences which would carry over. Now that I know, I am excited to find a way!

It may not surprise you to know that some of the most dedicated followers of religion may have the most anger and toxic energy toward others. I have known some of these people in my life, you probably do as well. Spirituality is all about acceptance. We may accept all different people but again, accepting is not leaving ourselves to be victims. Knowledge, experience and self-actualization does not require walking down every alleyway or darkened corridor. Accepting others may be achieved in your heart and your intent to send God’s Love into the world.


Troubleshooting The Booth

There should not be any rumbling, shaking or other disruptive types of action while using your booth. If there is, you have disruptive energy around you. It is likely some being that is trying to disrupt your intent to seek spiritual enlightenment.

Over the years you may have gathered some disruptive energies into your personal space. Some may be ghosts but it is also possible that you have created beings through fear, confusion or trauma. You may carry images of situations or events that were traumatic and this energy has formed a sort of entity. You may also have intentionally created an energy being which certainly was misguided at best.

Perhaps someone assaulted you. In your mind’s eye you carry that image of this person and have attached emotion, behavior and control over you. The perpetrator is gone but you have embodied the assault and the attacker into one form and have fed it power over you. This may be more common with continued victimization such as sexual, emotional or psychological abuse over time. You likely don’t know this energy is even there. We create images all the time and some gain more significance either with or without our knowledge. You may have created a “monster.”

There are also people that could have attacked you intentionally through anger, jealousy, greed or despondency. Their continued negative focus on you may have taken form either with or without their knowledge. People who are abusive and controlling routinely create a dynamic of control that may be so intense that it takes form. It’s like having your abuser constantly looking over your shoulder. There may be cords involved and you may actually have given consent to form this energy being just to appease your abuser. By giving in to actions to control you this may have taken form and you feed this monitor just to try and keep the peace. This also is conscious or subconscious.

The controller may be parents, siblings, childhood friends, co-workers… any person who sends negative energy toward you for an extended amount of time may create an energy form to deal out punishment to you. Like with cords, the person who sent the cord may resist having it cut or otherwise removed. Any change in the usual flow may be met with resistance. The most important concept is that these cords, energy forms or ghosts should be removed and kept from taking up residence in your being again. The booth is a great way to do this.

So, to make this exercise easier, lets form the booth in a meadow. Simple yet easily imagined by most people. As you place it upon the Earth set roots from it into Mother as deep down as you can comfortably imagine. Occupy your booth and call upon your Gate Keeper. Start the exercise and be sure to give the Gate Keeper permission to remove any outside forces known or unknown. Ask and give permission to cut cords, remove any dark energy, flush your being with intense White Light and refuse to allow any disruptive energy to take form again.

Pump up the Light intensity and relax. If any movement, shift, shaking or distracting motion occurs, call out to your Gate Keeper and ask them to put a stop to it. Use the word “NOW.” “Gate Keeper! Stop this motion or movement NOW! Remove any unwanted energy from my sacred space.” You may want to send the booth roots deeper into the Earth and release the stress and tension that you just created from fear. Trust again.

Your Gate Keeper is not unreliable or inexperienced. Any unwanted action is created by you. Either through fear or mistrust. If you allow the Gate Keeper to perform their duty, there would be no distractions.

Perhaps these ideas are unfamiliar to you. Maybe having guides is an uncomfortable idea. Or this belief is not supported by your experience with organized religion. These are concepts you have to deal with in order to proceed along this path. Many people prefer the punitive, highly structured religion they are familiar with. This is all ok and it is completely your choice.

I will present to you that spirit exists. There is life after death and we continue on in an energy form. We have lived before and we will live again. We have relationships with those in spirit and those in life. We never existed as a solitary being in any form. These connections are maintained with your full knowledge and permission and if not, your spiritual health will improve if the unwanted relationship is dissolved. This is good self-care. This is how God wishes you to proceed. There are a multitude of Heavenly beings available to help. It is important to separate the genuine, Divine energy from the disruptive darker energy. Life will flow with grace and you will wonder why you didn’t release these unhealthy ties before.

Existing without ties is not scary or reckless. It is the intended way to travel your path until you go Home again. Unconstricted existence is you in purest form. As long as you are grounded to Mother Earth and God!

The Listening Booth

We have spoken about the Gate Keeper guide. In this post we’ll discuss using your Gate Keeper to keep you safe during prayer, meditation and any attempt to commune with spirit. I have had a significant problem over the years of either listening to my inner voice or earthbound spirits (ghosts.) It has been a constant struggle to keep my spiritual growth unhindered by errant energy.

I suggest creating a Listening Booth to keep your communication pure and legitimate. Pyramids are a spiritual shape from many ages ago and still are well known for focusing energy. The important thing is to keep even the pyramid safe from chatter that is unproductive. It is like repeatedly charging it with intense White Light and blocking unwanted energy by both the pyramid itself, the walls and using your Gate Keeper. This is creating a safe, scared space.

I meditate often. Recently I received images of those unsanctioned voices and spirit called them monkeys. I think this was simply a way to identify the specific verbal origins that are unwanted by me. Nothing against monkeys. They gave me the terms so my guides and me would understand what exactly I am referring to when asking to block energetic debris. I was also given the images of monkeys being disruptive, destructive and uncontrollable. This sums up my concerns beautifully. Being a seer, healer and earth guide leaves me wanting strict control over the information I receive. I would not appreciate providing any inaccurate information to anyone seeking my counsel. Especially as a life coach. Imagine giving an individual incorrect information about the origin and implications of behaviors that are negative to their healing and spiritual development. That would be counterproductive and it would be difficult to trust me after that.

You may use any image that resonates with you. Perhaps a phone booth, tent, circle, temple, gazebo, stone circle or whatever image creates a feeling of being safe and secure. I would be keep it moderately larger than you when you occupy it. Protecting a large setting would be far too difficult.

I will refer to the pyramid for the discussion of building and securing your booth. Envision this process as we go along. I use a four cornered base for my pyramid. Sit cross legged inside. Face yourself and assume a meditative pose or something comfortable for you. Don’t make it complicated. The more items you include will give negative energy more spaces in which to interfere. Try to begin with you alone and clothed simply.

Envision the pyramid made out of a safe and non-porous material. Use gold, platinum, a spiritual crystal such as clear quartz or perhaps use the core of the Earth. If you have meditated about being inside of Source, use that. Something you would believe completely to be indestructible. Don’t use Source if you are unfamiliar with it. As you sit there remember that you will need to renew the integrity of the material and it’s location over time. The more distracted you get the increased chance that negative energy will find a way inside of your booth. Dark entities are resourceful.

Perhaps something you are unaware of is if you are raising your vibration and seeking enlightenment, darkness will be drawn to you. The conflict inherent in the Universe will notice your Light and may want to break you back down to your previous level of functioning. That’s why daily protective exercises are important. Especially if you are ascending.

Darkness is not banished from the Universe. Without it, you wouldn’t seek the strength and intensity that you now require. You did not come to Earth to experience smooth sailing throughout life. That would teach you very little. Some darkness is charted, as you probably recognize from your own life, and darkness may be uncharted. Learning to protect yourself and your energy is essential to spiritual growth.

As you occupy your booth. Call upon your Gate Keeper. This guide is fully aware that they are your Gate Keeper and signed on in this role for you prior to incarnation. This is your “Protector” guide. It is ok if you don’t know their name. As you progress you may have a greater understanding of who they are. Envision fully enforcing your walls. Always include the top, back and bottom. Some people only focus on what they consider visible if looking in a mirror but this would leave you woefully unprotected. Work together with your Gate Keeper to make all the surfaces impenetrable. Now increase the intensity of Light in your booth. Boost the Light until no one or any thing is visible around you. Then boost the Light even more!

Ask your Gate Keeper to keep you and your booth safe. Give them permission to act on your behalf. Now it is time to invite your Master Teacher into your booth. This is the highest guide you have. Now sit quietly and be open to this beautiful being. Spend whatever time you wish in this manner. If you are unfamiliar with meditation or envisioning, you may set a smaller time frame. Stay relaxed and don’t interfere. Keep your mind from making conscious thoughts. You must not direct this session.

At intervals ask your Gate Keeper again to reinforce the strength and security of your booth. Make sure they know only them and your Master Teacher are allowed in this space. If you hear a voice, are presented with a scent or touch, make sure to invoke your Gate Keeper to keep you safe and make certain the experience is genuine.

If you receive information that is disturbing, violent or punitive, you may have darker energy in your booth. Genuine guides and angels are not aggressive or upsetting. Reinforce the strength of your booth. Pump up the Light intensity and invoke your Gate Keeper. You may also wish to leave your booth, just remember to pray for safety and protection. If this exercise works as intended, there will be no interference from the dark. Please don’t scare yourself. If you receive information remember they way you felt when you it was presented to you. Many times we overthink everything and change something beautiful and reassuring into a bad experience.

As you complete this exercise, pray for cleansing, healing and protection. Ask to accept the guidance of your guides into your conscious life. Then, allow your Master Teacher to leave and give thanks for their presence in your life. Then, allow your Gate Keeper to release the booth and continue to keep you safe throughout your day. Give thanks to them as well. Bring yourself out of this meditative state feeling refreshed and energized.

It is important to pray for protection during your daily activities, Pray to protect your car, home, family, place of employment, your community and even the community of Earth. Being grateful is also important. You will find that the more gratitude you express the better the events of your life will be. The Universe will bring more of what matches your energy to you. Being upbeat and joyful will bring more joy to you. That is the Law of Attraction. It works!

Resist your urge to feel shame, guilt or fear as you are in your booth. Dampening your energy due to past events and decisions will only disrupt your progress. Let it all go. Your guides already know everything and they do not judge. There is karma and it’s influence on your life but spiritual advancement is never halted by guides, angels, deities or other Heavenly Hosts who have signed on to walk with you in this life. If you fear any retribution, say a prayer asking for absolution at any time or even while you are in your booth. I guarantee it is not necessary but you may feel better about past experiences if you do.

There is always a chance to begin again. Always. Absolution is available even at the time of your death and that is still honored. So many times good people feel unworthy of God’s love when this is simply not true. We are all at different stages in life. Some more advanced than others, but the grace of God is always yours.

If you have concerns about your karma, please read the many posts about absolution on this site. Letting go of fear is a refreshing process. Accept all parts of you and know that your guides are open and loving. They will never turn away from you. If you feel alone and unloved it is your own insecurity. Seek the Light again and accept Divine reassurance.

Your Primary Guide; The Gate Keeper

We all have many spirit guides, angels, departed loved ones and ascended masters who walk this life with us. Perhaps not all at once, but certainly quite a few at given time. Some Heavenly Hosts are temporary for certain periods of time or for specific life events.

Your primary guide is someone I would suggest that you utilize as a Gate Keeper. Your primary guide is with you long term. This is the perfect being to count on for keeping you safe and protected. With all the information about cords perhaps you may feel vulnerable now. This is understandable.

To connect with your primary guide please refer to them in this term always. There will be no confusion between guides and you will always communicate with the one guide that you interact with the most. You may meditate to connect with this guide. There are many available and you may try a few to see what you feel most comfortable with. You always want to say a prayer of protection whenever communicating with spirit. Many involve White Light and connecting only with higher energies with your best and highest intent. You may say that they “come from God” but you need to realize that everything comes from God including darker energies that have since strayed from the Light. You might want to find a specific meditation or written prayer for protection which covers all bases and potential circumstances.

Once you have made that connection, say a prayer of protection then communicate with your higher guide and give him/her permission to act as your gate keeper and block any ghost or darker energy from gaining access to you. It is essential to give them permission. Without this the guide would be powerless to assist you. In fact angels, Archangels and ascended masters may also need to permission to act upon your behalf as well. You may think that this defies faith but no one is allowed to override your direction, path or journey without your permission.

The exception is in times of dire need like an accident, critical illness or any time a Heavenly Hosts may intercede to keep you from dying or suffering catastrophic injury. There are many accounts of Divine intervention at critical times, even in NDE or Near Death Experiences.

There is a difference. We all have a life chart. Many things are included in these charts which are intended to teach you and give you needed experiences. Guides, angels and ascended masters may intervene when the event is not charted. It may be something random or unexpected. If you have something catastrophic charted, they are not allowed to intervene. They may be present with you or provide comfort and reassurance. They may be able to decrease the extent of injury, illness or event but they cannot keep it from happening.

It may be hard to accept that serious loss or accidents are charted for your benefit. Always remember that when you wrote your chart you were in Heaven and truly believed that having such an experience was going to teach you valuable lessons and bring you stronger faith. I have discussed this in greater detail in posts about “perspective.” These are important ideas worth your time. Perspective has everything to do with faith, maturity and raising your vibration. Perspective also teaches you about ascension, which is the process of raising your vibration, meeting your intended goals and returning Home. It’s a beautiful reality that makes so much of what you live through worth it. Ascension is why we are here.

If you are unfamiliar with spirit communication, please use this one guide. Always work on your connection with this guide and renew your permission for him/her to act on your behalf. Never become complacent about who you are communicating with. Earthbound spirits or ghosts may try to become involved with your guidance in order to manipulate your energy. Never trust names that you are familiar with without doing protection prayers first. Lower energies may respond to names like Jesus, Mary, Abraham or any identity you may believe to be trusting.

Using your primary guide as your gate keeper will allow your truest and best friend to ensure your safety. Stay vigilant. Stay safe.

The Chakra Waterfall

This may answer some questions about spiritual health and well being. If the cord discussions have made you feel vulnerable, this is a good post to provide guidance.

Well Spring of God's Love


We have guided you to cleanse your being and aura. Now We will look closer at chakra health and openness. Your entire being is a symphony of energy. Darkness and barriers interfere with the health of your energy field. To open and heal the chakras, you must begin at the bottom and work your way up. To be in alignment with the Universe you must be connected to Mother Earth and God. Once you have opened and healed your chakras you will need to allow fluidity between your energy being, God above and Mother Earth below. It is a circuit of relatable energy which will replenish your health and provide you with a symbiotic relationship with the Universe.

You are not an island. You never were. You are a particle of God and the Universe. You may not currently feel this intimate relationship but this is because you have shut down some portion or all…

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I believe that when someone is seeking spirituality, meditation is one of the first recommendations by people who have gained an increase in spiritual health.

Often, when I see a psychic/medium, one of their questions usually is if I meditate?

I found a beautiful meditation that connects you with your higher self. It is only one hour and doesn’t require anything but to listen quietly. A connection to your higher self is one of the most important steps to take in your ascension. I believe this is a good first step for some of you who are new to these ideas, and for someone who has been increasing their spirituality for a while.

Connecting to your higher self can bring untold insight to you. Your higher self may guide you more effectively and bring you closer to your true self and your life chart. This connection is invaluable.

“Activate Your Higher Mind: Unlock Your True Potential- Cleanse Self Doubt/Binaural Beats” on YouTube

The website is

These meditations are available on other platforms such as Twitter and Facebook as well.

The first day I listened to this meditation I received valuable insight into my chart, life purpose and a cleansing of bad habit I have of inserting my own mistruths into my guidance. It was beautiful. I journaled after and felt in better alignment than I have in a long time.

Even if you are unclear what your next step is or where you are truly going, connecting with your higher self will give you valuable insight to your subconscious. This is on a level where you may benefit even if you aren’t certain about your guidance. Please give it a try!

The Ties That Bind…

We all create our own cords. This likely makes sense to you the more you learn about them. We send cords to loved ones and important things in our life.

You send cords to parents, children, friends and family. You also send cords to your home, auto or other belongings which you value. If you have a classic guitar that you will never part with, there is a cord. If you own something vintage that you place great emotional value on, there is another cord. A family heirloom, a trophy, an object that is significant to an event or accomplishment, there are likely more cords.

Cords are not necessary but you may find that having them is inconsequential. A cord to your expensive violin doesn’t harm anyone right? Literally that’s ok. The cords that are potentially harmful are the ones to people, whether they were created from good intentions or not. These cords are outdated and don’t really serve a purpose. They may also restrict someone from making changes in their life or any needed transitions. Your cord could be holding someone back.

As I stated, they are not needed. If your mother has a medical emergency, you will find out. If your child is involved in an accident, again, you will be notified. If someone dies, there is nothing that your cord will accomplish.

Cords are limiting. Envision having cords to 10 people in your life. That’s far more than the average marionette. How easily can you make changes or transitions with all of those cords in the way? You exist in a much better existence free of any cords. This would be considered your natural state. Imagine How many cords you have that are originating from jealous, petty people? What about someone who you struggled with as a child? There may be a cord because of a significant event or emotion but it has no purpose now. What about a cord from a loved one who wanted you to work in the family business. You selected not to and their cord could interfere with college courses, relocating, a start-up business, options for financing… Free yourself from any interference just as you may free others from a cord you may have sent out.

Some cords that affect your transitions in life are the ones you sent to your current home, vehicle, office, favorite restaurant, your best friend, a former lover or any other person or object that is not in alignment with a move or life change. Is your house sitting on the market? Do you have a cord to it? Does your partner have a cord to it? The house won’t sell if there are. In order to make changes and shift focus, you must be free of cords. It really is like a type of bondage. The most surprising fact is that cords to major objects or events may be attached to the bottom of your feet.

Who would look for them there? As I mentioned, cord cutting exercise are available. Just remember to cut all cords from your entire being. I always suggest that people focus their healing intentions on their front, back, top, bottom, inside and outside. Resist your tendency to focus only on what you see in a mirror or your minds’ eye.

As with any healing, you may say a prayer to God or any preferred Heavenly Host and ask that your cords be cut. It will help to envision yourself bathed in stunning, bright White Light. As before, send the light further into your environment and increase the intensity to as bright as you may imagine. Cords will be impacted by these 2 suggestions. Another great idea is to ask Archangel Michael to cut all cords from you with his sword and then take steps to keep them from reattaching. You may have to perform cord cutting a few times in order to make an impact. Perhaps do cord cutting on a monthly basis. Making it routine will increase the effectiveness.

Another aspect of cords is the presence of energy vampires. This is another topic to be pursued at another time. If you don’t know what an energy vampire is, do a search on this site or on the internet. This type of person drains your happiness and good health in order to feed their ego and energetic emptiness. As you become better informed, you may recognize vampires in your past or current life. This may make a lot of sense once you raise your awareness. These people are a constant drain on those around them because their cup is never overflowing, their cup is chronically empty. They have not learned to fill up with the Grace of God and the Divine. In order to feel any emotion or feelings they must steal the vital energy of people they victimize. You may in fact discover that you are an energy vampire as well. This is reversible. When you’ve cut your cords you must focus on filling up with Divine energy. Repeatedly envision your body filled to overflowing with White Light and ask your guides, angels and other Divine beings to help you maintain your own energy without resorting to syphoning the essence of others.

Your perfect state is whole, filled with clean/clear Light and energy, without cords or other energy drains. Your being may shine brightly and move freely. Maintaining cords or other binds will impact the good you may do in the name of God. Your Divine path does not allow for the weight of other’s energy slowing you down or impeding your travel.

Self-determination is true freedom.

I Added a Search Bar

I looked and discovered that the tag “cord” or “etheric cords” was not listed as a popular topic. Now you may search for all the posts regarding cords.

More About Cords

Cords are a very popular topic. Each time I post about cords people want more information. I hope you did a topic search for cords to see what has been posted previously.

Cords of little significance are thin. They may be something long forgotten or some slight that is minimal at best. It may be something that you took to be an insult, wrong doing or injury that wasn’t actually intended as an attack from that person. That makes it thin and easily removed.

A thick cord is something significant. Usually an attack which was intentional and intended to cause you harm. Perhaps an assault, longstanding conflict or even the murder of a loved one. The thickness represents the amount of emotion involved. A thicker cord may also represent ongoing animosity between you and the other person. Since energy is going both ways, this feeds the amount of negativity involved. Divorce or other type of breakup can create this thick cord since both parties have bad feelings for an extended period of time.

Again, families have thicker cords due to ongoing relationships and the potential for hurt feelings or other types of wrongdoing. These cords may even exist if no harm or foul was intended. Some people feel picked on or left out and may make more out of a family members actions then what were actually intended. This type of dwelling on conflict increases the thickness of the cord.

There is also a possibility that a one way cord could be thick as well. Someone may hold a longstanding grudge against you and have fed a cord hate and animosity for an extended period of time. This type of cord could be debilitating to you. It may cause illness, stress and extended periods of failure. What type of repercussions you feel would depend upon the thickness, color and location of the cord. Imagine the darkest black. That cord would cause a definite disruption in your well being. This would impact all of your actions in life including employment, relationships, finances and health.

How would you know that there is such a cord and that it needs to be removed permanently? A genuine psychic/medium, energy worker or other person skilled at recognizing the presence, color and location of a cord could detect it’s presence. There are exercises that will help you detach this cord and there are practitioners who could help you remove it. Find a way that works for you.

Please understand that cords are very difficult to remove, they often reattach or they may reattach in a different location then it was previously. This depends upon if the offender is intentionally sending a cord to you for reasons that they fully understand. This may surprise you but some people who may have the skills and talent as an energy worker may instead use their knowledge as a means of attacking someone. If their efforts they may reattach the cord in a different location, change the thickness to something thinner to avoid detection or hide a cord in or near a cord from a loved one. You may also have a hard time finding someone to remove the cord out of concern that the offender will attack the healer as well.

As I stated before, cords are not always from someone who intends harm. Loving family members have cords between each other with no ill will involved. Even if the cord is intended as an avenue of love, it still needs to be pulled and sent back to the sender. In this instance after the cord is removed you may send it back to your loved one and state that you thank them for their love and concern but the cord is not needed. Then, resist the reattachment of that cord. Even if you think that a cord from your loved one must be a good thing, it is not. The cord will often resist any change that you intentionally make, push you to people you no longer wish to be involved with or even pressure you with family type guilt. A cord attached to a 10 year old you could not possibly support a 30 year old you. Cords are not needed to have healthy, loving relationships. A cord free relationship accepts your wishes to change aspects of yourself and pursue avenues that loved ones may not support or approve of.

Your life is truly your own business. Cords are not needed and will often undermine your efforts to gain success, love and good health. Embrace who you are and be independent. Resist anyone’s effort to influence who you intend to be. Removing cords and keeping them from reattaching may have some truly liberating effects on how you feel and the steps you want to take for what you consider to be successful.

Envision yourself as a marionette with known or unknown strings on you. This is not as God intended.

The Basics

What are the basics to feeling good and healthy in regard to your spiritual wellness? There are a few. These are issues that may be visited a few times or may need daily attention. This depends on how you manage your spiritual energy, stress and self-care.

Your aura may contain muddy or unhealthy colors, holes or tears and etheric cords.

The colors of your aura should be crystal clear and bright like the sun being captured by a suncatcher. Each color of your aura represents some integral parts of who you are so there may be several differing colors all throughout your energy field. The intensity is important. Many visualization exercises will lead you to brightening your aura colors to an intensity so bright that it may be difficult to look at directly. A beautiful gold versus a gold that can be seen from outer space! There are many exercises on the internet or if you already follow some trusted, spiritual advisors they may offer aura clearing and intensifying meditations. You may simply envision yourself in the White Light of the Divine and boost the clarity and intensity to something brighter and brighter. Remember to boost your aura all around not just the front of your body.

Tears, leaks or holes are another concern with your aura. This issue will drain your energy perhaps to the point of irritability or exhaustion. Many holes or perforations are in areas of high stress such as the tailbone, the shoulders, the solar plexus, your stomach and sometimes your joints. This may be due to unchecked stress, illness or even another person sending dark energy to you. Again. a good spiritual advisor will have a way to address the state of your aura. Meditations for the health of your aura are common. You may also visualize your body with a continuous flush of healing White Light until a point where you believe you have sufficiently loosened and cast off any damaging injuries to your aura. Then build up the clarity and intensity of White Light until you believe your spiritual being shines out into your area for miles.

Etheric cords are from one person to another in response to some relationship. Family members have cords to one another, people who have bad history have cords and people who have been significant to you at one point in life also have cords. They are energy cords that have colors which represent the type of resonance that they are created from. Bad cords are dark, muddy, toxic and will drain you of your essence. All cords are nonessential and should be released. Cords between family members may have better colors but they are not positive or recommended. Many people say that etheric cords are fear based. It may be a spouse is fearful of giving you too much freedom so their cord is tense and resistive to change. A cord from your mother may have conditions of wanting to control you. “Do this, not that.” Get this job and marry that type of person. You will most likely have a cord from someone who has harmed or victimized you. You may have not seen this person in many years but the cord is still present.

Releasing cords is always recommended. There are many cord cutting exercises on the internet. This is one exercise you may have to repeat from time to time. Be aware that cords do not want to be cut. You may feel insecure or uneasy after cutting cords and detaching them. You may reconnect them, whether conscious or subconscious, and may feel relaxed or back to normal. This is a false sense of security. Cords are harmful and must be released. After a certain length of time and committing to cutting all of your cords you will feel balanced and healthy again.

Another issue which may impact your wellbeing is having a fractured soul. Throughout life you may have left pieces of your soul in certain places or people you have connected with. Leaving pieces of your soul behind implies that there was an event of high emotions which impacted you very deeply. There are many exercises to bring all of your soul fragments back to you. These exercises may be redone at intervals in order to bring back more distant or obscure pieces and assimilate them back together.

The events of this phenomena don’t have to be negative. It could have been a special time in life or happy event. Bringing your soul fragments back together will not impact the emotions you have regarding the event itself. Memories are still intact but your overall health and wellbeing are greatly improved. As with any energy exercise, cleanse, clear and clarify your soul after bringing any fragments back. Envision the intensity of your soul as Divine, intense, bright White Light and keep it illuminated for an extended period of time.

Another basic state of wellness is being grounded to God and Mother Earth. Grounding exercises are common. There are so many options that you may easily find an exercise that resonates with you. Think of being whole and healthy and moving throughout life. You may have a clear aura and complete soul but if you are not grounded you are not properly connected in a way that allows you to function optimally. You’d be loose and disconnected. Kind of ambling around like a tumble weed. This is not desirable. Little may get done because you feel floaty and disorganized. Some people enjoy this sensation but it is not conducive to being spiritually successful and attaining your goals in life.

Many people use the visualization of sending roots from the souls of your feet into the ground. This is good but you also must send a cord from the top of your head up into the Divine Realm and connect to God. This connection to both realms will allow you to function optimally. You will be the perfect spiritual connector between both essential energies. What God wants for you will be in prefect balance with your connection to our Mother. A perfect energetic relationship. Tumble weeds are intended to tumble, this is their existence. Humans are not intended to tumble. We came into this life to find balance in our relationship with all energies that promote our lives and aid us in meeting our life goals. We exist on earth, thus a connection is essential. We were created by God, this connection is essential as well. The beauty of these relationships are awe inspiring.

The basics refer to a good place to start in managing your spiritual health and wellbeing. Your aura, soul and being grounded are deeply essential to who you are and where you are going in life. Much of what you may want to accomplish will not be possible if you have integral defects in your aura, soul and connection to God and Mother Earth.

It is recommended that you do a topic search on this website. Seek further information on auras, cords, the soul, being grounded and many other topics of interest, There are many posts providing information you may find essential to improved health and spiritual wellbeing. Some of my content is channeled. Some of it is my own experience and knowledge.

Be well and go with God.