The Pool of Possibilities


Life is a combination of thoughts, feelings and actions. Our intention is to teach you how to “flow.” To be successful in life is to always settle on moderation, hope and grace. You may experience emotional highs or lows but you must settle in the positive flow of acceptance.

Successful energy is fluid, crystal clear and vibrant. Your energy field may be so bright and stunning that others may have to shield their eyes just to embrace the Divinity of you. There must be no sharp edges.

There are numerous things that block your ascension. These would be blocks and barriers to being ONE with the Universe. Some examples are anger, vengeance, judgment, hate, disregard, disrespect, selfishness… Truly treat others as you would choose to be treated.

There is no badge for being right when you have harmed others with your disrespect. This is a crucial lesson to learn. In order to rise up to meet God you must release any need or desire to diminish anyone else. This is as God upholds you.

There truly is no life that is more valuable than another. We are all a part of Creation. The highs and lows that we all experience combine to form the energy collective of this planet. We are the human race and we combine forces to be spiritually successful or to diminish the energy of our world.

We feel, think and act. We gather together with people of like-mind to promote and protect or admonish and diminish. It is a choice that we all make. As we came here with a soul group, we also influence whether that group is positive or not. The energy we combine may heal and protect your environment. It is possible to lead your soul group toward grace. Then, as others are drawn to this beautiful energy, the scope of your success will expand. Then you may make a real improvement to your existence. Send love to places of poverty, terrorism, crime and oppression. You may send your own love and desire to heal but when people combine in a group, the response of a group healing is exponentially more powerful.

Be the Light that this world needs. No sharp edges that would harm others. Our best direction is to behave as if you were frequently meditative. Everything is manageable and you always respond with moderation. No great highs or lows. Simply a steady output of healing, nurturing and communion. This is what improves your life and the lives of others. The lessons are so much easier to define if you avoid overreaction.

Life flows in and life flows out. The constant input of your faith and spiritual embrace will impact the earth around you. With your positive attitude, more blessings will automatically flow toward you. Your gentle expectation of God’s Gifts will bring just that. It is the a steady faith that brings your chart, lessons and intended life to you. Serene is a goal. Open-minded is another. Strength from devotion is as well.

Be mindful to meditate every day. Become better at it and allow the balance of this practice to benefit your life. Be grounded. Be centered. Be cleansed and cleared. Pump up your Light both in and around you. Start with white light. Be intent to impact life with positivity and love. Commune with Heaven and find the direction that you seek.

Strong emotions do not grow the serenity of faith. Relax and be at peace. Work to meet all challenges with your spiritual stability. To truly grow from Our direction you must delete the tension that you create and offer God your inspired devotion. It all matters. It all makes sense. It is a part of your chart. One of your goals in life is to ALLOW yourself to be infused with God’s Grace.

Start here. Know that dogma, protest, striking out and negative activism is not being God, for God. You came to this site for answers. Lay down your emotional weapons and embrace what life is truly about. Rise up to meet God in Heaven and bring others with you.

The Silver Bullet

You want fast, hard advice. Quick and easy. It seems to frustrate you that We speak about energy, karma, darkness and perspective. If you want something short and direct: be good, do good.

Your frustration is not productive. We have already covered the topic of Hell and eternal punishment. We have informed you that your actions, thoughts and feelings combine to form your life energy of positive, negative or moderately in between. Fast, hard rules are actually this simple as well.

Why does your energy and vibration need complex rules and expectations? Do you want some test or exam in which you pass or fail? This is not going to make anything any easier. Your exam grade now will be higher or lower in the next year, five years or at the time of your death. A test such is this is not helpful for any length of time.

Your actual commitment to your life success is affected daily. You must maintain an overall tendency to do good. This is not something that gets reviewed once and you get a pass for life. Your spiritual success is a lifelong commitment. There are no quick fixes.

The magic silver bullet would have to rid you of many negative things. This would never be accomplished but there some general rules about what you may cleanse from your thoughts, feelings and actions.

  1. Do not intentionally harm anyone. This is broad. This means assault or physical injury, gossip, bullying, anger, stealing from them or damaging their property…
  2. Be truthful. This is a pattern of behavior. If you tell lies, it is usually not just once. You will have a tendency to lie. Be mindful of changing this habit. What people call a “little white lie” is considered neutral because you are not telling someone the truth but you are sparing them from hurt feelings. Honesty is it’s own reward. The cleansing that you gain for living honestly will be a strong base from which to make overall improvements to your life and your energy pattern.
  3. Be willing to accept direction. People offer advice for different reasons. A supervisor or your mom have advice but your reaction will vary greatly. Do your best to be open minded and at least consider that there is some truth to what someone is offering to you. Ponder it and decide if it fits in with your desire to be positive, proactive and optimistic. If not, resist  lashing out in anger and release anything about the advice that would cause you to dwell in negativity. To be truly energy successful you would thank the Universe for the challenge and your ability to embrace it.
  4. Perform daily actions as if you were setting the foundation for not only your future but for the next seven generations. People often say that not much of this will matter in 100 years. This is a good way to place some events in perspective. What We hope for you to learn is that daily actions do build over time. If you improve your life, you also improve the lives of your offspring. A soul group, such as a family, will accept and continue to build upon a legacy of truth, honesty, good health, charity, faith… You are building a family system in which only positive and uplifting thoughts are put into action. In this instance you improve the strength, stability, success and prosperity of this generation which will influence the future generations. Coming from a family of dysfunction does not have to impact the family system you create. This IS your choice.
  5. Resolve any reliance upon drugs or alcohol. Substance abuse alters your life and the lives of those around you. Serious complications with coping, anger, irresponsibility, finances and health are results. Functioning in a family, friend or social group will begin to fail with ongoing addiction. You cease to mature and your emotional functioning will be childlike and ineffective. You will lose your ability to lead your own family and raise positive, respectful and successful children. Ongoing addiction will not allow you to build a spiritual, financial and honest legacy to raise up the next generation. You will merely pass down your dysfunction, legal trouble and impaired health.
  6. Live within and promote faith. Great strength comes from believing in yourself and in a Higher Power. Striving to improve your life and the positivity that you radiate will bring emotional stability to you. All things are manageable and success comes from coping with the good and the not-so-good. Your spiritual growth will provide a positive role model to future generations. Others will notice your emotional strength and resilience. They will recognize your ability to cope with all situations and still speak of hope and success. If you create the Light in your own life that you seek, others will be inspired as well.

It is not possible to improve your energy with insistence and irritability. The silver bullet is not actually magical at all. Pressing the Universe for answers will do little to promote your spiritual growth. The energy block that your impatience creates will deter the positive flow of energy. It is far better to raise your vibration by expressing joy, tolerance, motivation and immersing yourself in faith. The answers are simple. Your need to complicate is not.

Your Life is A Pattern of Energy


Earth life is a pattern of energy that you create by the feelings and actions that you take. If you behave in a mostly positive manner, your life is mostly positive. The same is true if you tend to be negative. It is a slight shift unless you do something drastic in either direction.

This shift may be evident when you have “one of those days.” If you find yourself dealing with a multitude of events that seem to be frustrating or wrought with conflict, this may be a trend to that one day. You may find yourself saying, “What else could go wrong?” It is this mindset that keeps your day full of conflict and mistakes. This is the Law of Attraction. You giving up on something positive happening for you is what brings more mayhem.

Then, you may wake up another day and state, “I hope this is not just like that bad day!” You again bring about the emotions and conflict of that frustrating day. Spirit will say that the Universe does not hear the word “not.” Just the fact that you are focusing on something negative will bring it about. It is the overall emotions and feelings that the Universe will respond to, not the actual wording. This may seem to be unfair. Yes, it may be. The lesson here is to respond to a new day only with joy, motivation and expectations of success. In this instance, look forward only.

Looking back is truly only needed when you are seeking to learn the lessons inherent in some of your thoughts, feelings or mistakes. Even in this review you must be positive and hopeful, otherwise you bring the negativity to you. This is intricately specific. Being upbeat and motivated to succeed spiritually is only possible when you are positive and grateful.

You may have had some significant losses or tragic accidents but the Universe still wants you to see the benefit in every experience. This is as God has intended. Placing this earth life into perspective will do the most good for your desire to grow closer to God. The popular saying “What Would Jesus Do?” is a good example of this perspective. It is all meaningful and necessary. Your spiritual growth is the only reason why you are here. Each life contains a specific set of circumstances that you wish to learn from. Luckily, you don’t chart problems in all of your life areas! That would be intense.

You likely chose one or two  major life areas to learn about. Maybe finances and relationships, or health and family. Perhaps, love and career. It varies according to what you came here for. You may had many lives where a love relationship was strong and long-lasting. But, in this life you chose to struggle finding a life mate. You may feel overwhelmed and sad but you didn’t realize that you have had some great loves in many of your lives. Your despair is only in this one life, but you succeed at so many others essential areas.

Perspective has so many facets to it. Please resist the temptation to give up on your dreams and become negative. There is always something that you chose to do and be successful with. If you feel that your life has been unusually negative, We would give you some reasons.

  1. Your perspective is not positive and motivational.
  2. You allow challenges to overcome your faith.
  3. You have more to learn about certain actions and events so they continue to cycle through until you do learn what the lessons are about.
  4. You tend to feel picked on or unsupported when the actual lessons are positive, uplifting and promoting your faith and independence.
  5. You mistakenly believe that the lives that other people live are better than yours.

Truly difficult lives tend to represent that you have incarnated many times and you are ready for something more challenging. You are at the head of the class, not in the corner with the dunce hat on. This is something to be proud of.

The tragedy would be if you cried and felt sorry for yourself this entire incarnation and returned Home without having learned much. Self-pity is not grace. Seeking darkness and condemnation in response to some challenging events would be tragic.

You came here to rise up and meet God. Each occurrence and event is your challenge to overcome and succeed. Experience loss and still find God. Experience illness and still seek grace, glory and eternal life. Fail at some things and still seek perfection in God’s eyes. This is perspective. This is your battle each and every day. Don’t give up and waste this life. Persevere and still seek absolution. No one is perfect but it is still possible to be spiritual and continue to experience some trying times. As long as you continue to move forward, you are successful. If you wake up each day and look for the good, you are able to overcome many trying times. This is so much easier than what you make it.

Perhaps your idea of success is different from that of the Divine’s. You only want true love, millions of dollars, attractive children, perfect health… This is NOT success in the eyes of God. If your life were perfect, there would be little to learn from. There is a lifeline of prosperity but it is intended to teach you to be humble, raise your children without drugs or alcohol, give to the community, fund research to improve human life… People do have this type of life but it is not intended to be easy. There are mistakes, faults and conflict that comes with having great wealth. This lifeline is wrought with failure because of greed, abuse, neglect, self-absorption, manipulation, infatuation, dishonesty, fraud, substance abuse … You are probably thinking, “I’ll give it a try!” Perhaps another time. Your life is currently what you intended.

Success may come to you once you have learned to be positive, helpful, loving and sincere. Being upbeat and open to experiences may bring you some of what you would consider success such as true love, money, an exciting career, good health and spiritual growth. Positive attracts positive. Love begets love. Hope brings more hope. Being eager for learning IS success and life lessons are how you achieve it.

What If You Don’t Understand?

Good question. We have some new faces in our crowd and the shift in energy is wonderful. Welcome and be loved. I am your “earth guide.” I love you as I love myself and we will grow whole together.

God’s love is unconditional. You have this strength, grace and support even if you feel out of sync. God does not expect you to be perfect. There would be no learning to be done if you were. Mistakes are always placed in perspective. Are you young and independent? Then perhaps some missteps will happen as you grow. Are you more mature? Some mistakes are still expected. Are you elderly and near the end of this earth life? It is possible to make some poor decisions.

No one is perfect. Ever! This is a journey of trial and error.

Many people fear hell and damnation. Some of our new people have this concern as well. Please release your fear of eternal condemnation. No one is ever restricted to the darkness. You may always choose a better way or more positive existence. The problem would be if you believed that you were done learning!

Mistakes of youth are placed in perspective. Mistakes in relationships are expected and also placed in perspective. Even some negative or disruptive behavior is understood if you haven’t yet learned to behave in a positive manner. You are never doomed because of any mistake or misjudgment. You are learning and it is expected. The time to reconsider your life choices is when you have a negative pattern of behavior and you purposely choose to continue this way. You may even choose to become more dark and damaging. It is then that your guides will give you every opportunity to turn your life around.

God, Jesus, angels, saints and guides will never leave your side. YOU are the one who walks away. If you cannot feel their love and presence, you have turned your back. Even in the lower energy levels of the Afterlife, you may always look for God. This is always available to you.

You feel damned because of your own self-doubt, lack of confidence or perhaps restricted religious thinking presented to you in life. God has not damned you. It is possible to release your fears and bathe in the Light. Ask for God to be with you. It is ok to ask for forgiveness but it has already been given. The act of seeking salvation may help you to open your mind to be One with God. This is not God’s requirement but you may feel this is needed. Do whatever you need to be whole, healthy and available to God.

You want to find examples of people who surely went to Hell. This is not necessary. Even Hitler, Sadam Hussein, serial killers, career criminals, pedophiles… pass on into Heaven. Are they in the same realm as Mother Teresa? No. They start in the 2 lower levels. They decide if they will choose to learn and grow closer to God in the Afterlife or if they will continue to breed hate, vengeance and fear. Why would this be accepted in Heaven? Because we are all eternal.

It is difficult to accept that “bad” people are a part of God’s plan. Each life is intended to teach others through experience. You learn to expand your life through positive role models and to learn and distance yourself from negative ones. It is this simple but you choose to be outraged by it. Your desire to learn and grow includes all types of experiences. This is as God intended. We all may say that we have learned mountains of lessons from very great or very egregious people.

Sometimes our greatest teachers in life are the ones who have harmed us the most. This is still God’s Will. Our Father wishes us to learn through negative and positive means. This is a well-rounded approach. You have had many lifetimes in which you were the teacher and others when you were the student. You have taught your loved ones through positive and negative actions even now. This makes sense to you now. It is the human experience. You are here on this site seeking these answers. Are We going to give you only the sugary sweet details? No. We are giving you the truth. All of God’s creation has positive, uplifting events and painful, disruptive ones.

You exist to weather all of this. You sought to be enlightened and guided to salvation. Now that you are here, you are disappointed that absolution is available to everyone. This is not Our intention to make you feel common. You are special and that is why We guided you to this place. We have the answers that you want. In fact, We are still at the very beginning. You are not late.

Release your need to feel that “bad” people need to go to Hell. You have had some times in your life when you felt “bad.” God did not condemn you. Forgiveness is Divine and so are you. It is expected that you learn and understand. These basic concepts will open so many doors for you. We ask you not to judge as We do not judge you. Everyone is worthy and this is a good place to start.

Dogma and rhetoric have no place here. Good begets good. Love creates more love. Your enlightenment will improve your life as well as the lives of those around you. Be the Light that you seek.

Relax and shed your desire to feel above this process. God is humble. You will be given so many more messages of hope, joy and love if you realize that everyone is family. You have much to learn and We have much to teach. Be still and open to peace.

It Is Up To You

Your perspective on life is your responsibility. View the cup half full, see the bright side and manage all contrast with optimism. If you are the downer of the group then you have some changes to make. You are NOT being realistic, you are being negative.

Does it matter to those around if you always introduce the harsh, painful, worst-case scenario details? No. Many people offer advice that you have hope and optimism but prepare for the worst. This may be true unless you have faith in God. With faith, the worst is still manageable.

What is the worst outcome? Returning to Heaven and being reunited with God, departed loved ones and your guides? That doesn’t sound so bad. The struggle is remaining in life and finding ways to cope and be healed. This is not to encourage taking your own life. You are expected to manage all of your experiences and then return home when it is time. Some people believe that making it to the natural end is a success.

Tears are for the living. There is nothing tragic about leaving earth. The pain of loss is ours alone. Yes, you will miss them and it may take a while to overcome your grief but it is not your loved one who is lost. You are lost to the reality that you are eternal and the Other Side is your true home. You exist as a soul and your goal is to mature, find wisdom and be successful in your incarnations.

Earth lives are actually very brief. They don’t seem like it because of the heaviness of our atmosphere. It is this phenomena that makes us feel sluggish and burdened. Our natural excited and elated state is a struggle against the pressure of our environment. Earth is a tough school to experience but this is why we came here. We knew of the negative, dim, troubled energy and chose this to push our learning forward. You are an overachiever. You undoubtedly experienced a previous earth life and yet you decided to try it again. Kudos to you.

Each life is charted by you in agreement with the Divine, your guides and the people who you contract with for life experiences. A talented medium, psychic, card reader… may be able to view your chart and give you some helpful direction. This is not evil. It is God’s way of giving you some support. Jesus was a prophet and a seer. He foretold the future many times.

Try to relax about evil and sin. There are many reasons why you may have darker energy but the “idea” of sin is more profound. If you are trying your best and managing to learn as you go, this is good. If you are intentionally harming others, being dishonest, stealing and being disruptive in the lives of others, this is not good.

Do you make innocent mistakes? Everyone does. Do you go to hell for this? No.

Do you use profane language? Some people do. Do you go to hell for this? Not literally. If you swear, steal, lie and destruct property, your energy is darker than people who do not behave this way. Then, your place of residence in Heaven is in the lower levels. Not Hell so much as a darker and more dismal place.

Do you have sex outside of marriage? Some do. Do you go to hell for this? No. Are you harming anyone by this? If you are both single and not cheating, there is no harm. Are you cheating, forcibly raping someone or intentionally spreading disease? Then your energy is darker. Again, your space in Heaven will be darker as well.

Do you covet what your neighbor has? At times. Do you go to hell for this? No.

These examples are purposely simple. You may have a broad range of behavior that adds up to whether you exist in the Light or in the dark. This will also change as you shift to a higher or lower vibration. Being upbeat and positive aligns you more closely with God and your vibration is naturally brighter. Lower vibrations result from negative behavior and thinking.

This is why meditation is important. By being calm, quiet and centered, you increase your vibration and your behavior will naturally shift to being positive and hopeful. When you make a habit out of meditating you will cause your vibration to be more stable. You will have fewer ups and downs in how you feel.

Prayer will also help you to make positive changes. You may think that God already knows what you think and how you feel. This is true. Prayer will ALLOW God to be a part of your life because you have invited Him in. You have free will. This means that you may decide how to act despite the outcome on your vibration and whether you are being positive or negative. Free will may block much of your expected help. You may ask for angels, Archangels, Jesus or God to help you. If you maintain your own free will, none of these Divine beings will be able to help. Then, likely, you will feel abandoned and alone. You may even feel unworthy of God’s love.

You must ask for help and allow it. This is harder than you may think. If you truly are at the end of your rope and you have “given up,” this surrender may actually allow God to enter and be your Savior. In this state, you have released your free will and have allowed the Divine help you. This instance teaches you to release your free will before you have lost all hope. Why wait so long?

Your life is a continuous response to experiences. There is always room to grow brighter and more positive. The simple truth that you charted this and it is all written will help immensely in your struggle. Your idea that you control the circumstances of your life is untrue. You control your RESPONSES to what you have charted. You believe in God and allow the Divine to be with you or not. This may also be erratic. When things are going smoothly your faith is strong, other times it is not. This does not doom you to darkness but it is time to seek God and the light again.

God is a choice. You have free will and there certainly is God’s Will. Remind yourself of this daily through meditation, prayer and faith. Relax your need to control what God has already set in motion. Your response to life is when you choose to be positive, uplifting, supportive and humble.

Believe In Yourself…


Believe in yourself as much as you believe in God.

Despite the daily quest to grow closer to God, your true purpose may still be derailed. Your intent to do your best may be overshadowed by some inaccurate thinking that you may have. You are worthy of love just as anyone else is. You tend to put yourself down or undermine your own confidence. The reasons for this habit are wholly inaccurate. You may feel like you are being modest but this thinking is not promoting your relationship with God, the Universe and spirit.

Your daily activities must include many things. This promotes a balance in your life that is necessary for spiritual growth.

Have faith in God. There is a purpose for this life and you are mistaken when you believe that you make errors. Each experience is intended to teach you. Whether you feel successful or not you are making progress in your chart. By releasing your need to label something right or wrong will improve this process.

Remember to allow yourself the space to make improvements. Getting something just right may take a few tries but it will still get the job done. The cycles of learning that you may have recognized in your life are leading you to a specific outcome. The lessons themselves do not matter as much as the overall shift in your maturity, wisdom and grace.

Do your best to accept all of your experiences and pray for the intended learning. Give thanks for the process and let the Universe know you are being objective and you are ready for more. It is this eagerness that will realign you with the Universe to bring everything to you more quickly. If you feel stale and sluggish, this boost will signal your readiness for more. This flow toward you will give you a sense of purpose and success. You will reach some spiritual goals and this may make you feel better about your current circumstances.

One “success” will build upon another, but this will only continue if your perspective remains open and hopeful. If you start to measure and complain again, your growth will slow down. Stay positive even if things are not so warm and cozy. The most difficult lessons are likely painful and profound. This is the contrast that you need to keep choosing God and a higher purpose.

Believe in your own strength. All experiences are manageable if you allow them to be. This is no easy task. People die, have tragic accidents, are struck with harsh diseases, lose their job, get divorced… The moment you tell yourself that you cannot get through this is the very same moment that you will not. If you give up, everything that you endure will seem hopeless and you will feel helpless. It will feel like life happens to you. This is not optimal. You are a necessary part of your life. To be overcome and to give up is not having faith.

To believe in yourself as much as you believe in God is very profound. You are perfect in the very state that you now exist. You are in the process of learning and making changes to your earth life. There are things that you have yet to learn and that is why you are here. To believe in only these four walls is a tragedy. You have the power to heal, love, create, promote, support, honor and be God in human form. No one takes this away from you if you haven’t first given it up.

You may wonder how you may view tragedy and still see God? It is a lesson which has many purposes. You may still grieve and be sad but then there will come a time to place all of this into perspective. If it is a personal loss or death, send love. If it is a community loss or tragedy, send love. If it is a global loss or monumental event, send love. You literally are not here on earth to stop all bad things from happening. Have an influence on matters if you can, but then place the rest in perspective. God provides you with the experience which propels you to grow. You are continuously being pushed off that fence. You won’t reach the heights of a spiritual life by sitting on the fence. You may see painful events and suffer great loss, but this is your time to choose God all over again.

This cycle will continue in your life because people get hurt, sick, have accidents and some die. When you have reached the point where you see God at the same time as you become aware of the event, you have made great strides in your learning. You cut through the pain, sorrow, anger and despair and seek God for reassurance and comfort. You understand that this is a learning experience and you open to God and receive the lessons. Then, you give thanks that you were able to weather the storm and not lose your faith.

We all suffer some bad things. It may be an accident, illness, depression, trouble with the law, bankruptcy, divorce… These are teaching us as well as those around us. You are a part of a soul group. You came here with a select number of people to experience life together. It is as God had intended and you are living up to your commitments that you made with them. Life is many different things, but it is always temporary. Learn, teach and go home.




What Have You Done?

We have some time left in the Summer. What have you done so far this year in order to make improvements in your spiritual life? We have had some major changes in our world which we have been forced to deal with. There is the election, climate change, forest fires and massive flooding, homegrown terrorism, the death of police officers and increased racial tension. If we wonder about the crisis in our streets, do we internalize the chaos?

We must continue to heal ourselves despite the upset that we often hear about in the news. Be at peace. Remember to be grounded, cleansed and cleared. Flush the dark and muddy colors from your being and make certain that you send crystal clear, brilliant light out into the world.

Be mindful that God wishes you to seek change and reform through peaceful and positive means. Threats, violence, anger and vengeance are not ours to give. We must seek the balance of life and resolve what we have an influence on.

Are we able to stop the terror across the earth? Perhaps to a certain degree. We are able to send love and healing to those who have been affected and sow love and grace in our own communities. Prayer is always needed.  Send angels. Send love. Ask God to bring peace to a land of anger and turmoil.

It is possible to build upon your own feelings of grace and healing by meeting with others who also want to send love. The act of prayer among multiple people builds exponentially and will have a more profound effect.

Build the energy of love in your own community and make certain that you resist the dogma of US/THEM. If you gather in peace and begin to preach of hate, than you are no different from those who are doing harm.

There is so much to heal in your life that you must place your angst for the wrongs of the world in perspective. Heal yourself then make a difference. Find your strength then help others to stand tall. Build upon your self-love then build mountains of love for all.

There is a balance between the world and your own space. To extend yourself outward when you are not well and powerful within, will disturb this balance. The goal is to do both. Show concern about those being harmed AND nurture yourself. You are able to bring about meaningful change if you proceed from a position of strength.

This is also the Law of Attraction. Send out love, healing and peace then receive the same in return. If you send out hate, anger, prejudice, threats of violence… you will receive this as well. Think about the impact of this darkness on your life. Are you prepared to gather all of these negative things and make them a part of your being? This is where you make a disconnect. You mistakenly believe that you can build upon hate, greed and vengeance and not suffer any negative impact. You are being either immature or in denial.

There are consequences to all of your thoughts, actions and intents. Many people see the turmoil in their own lives and believe that it is something done to them. Someone else is at fault and it is not fair that they have to suffer. The truth is completely the opposite. YOU bring the dysfunction in your life by thinking and behaving with dysfunction. Like creates like. Your children are in constant turmoil because you have taught them this. Your relationship with your parents is strained because they created the dysfunction that you grew up with and you have since created your own life of dysfunction.

In contrast, a peaceful, generous life begets the same. Having hope, love and peace will bring about hope, love and peace. Send out into the world what you wish to receive in return.

Pray for the victims as well as the perpetrator. Why? Because that is what God would have you do. If you are unable to grasp this concept, then you have more work to do. And it is no surprise that many of you have not reached this level of grace yet. That is why you are here and why We are here as well.

Our goal is to teach and guide you. We love you always and understand you have more to learn. We do not judge just as We ask that you not judge as well. There is a purpose for every life experience. By eagerly seeking the lessons, you gain power over the emotions attached to these events. Be open and embrace your learning. By having this balance, you gain so much more of the intended purpose. Fear is lost upon you because terror and violence will not affect your soul. Accept the energy of these current events and transition it into something that rivals the turmoil with an even more intense healing. This is what God would do.

You Want More Examples…

You have expressed a desire for more examples of responding to life circumstances in the proper, soul-directed way. You must change your perspective and release your need to be hurt, worried or resentful.

You are an older child in a broken family. Your parent restarts a new family with another partner. You recognize that your younger siblings are being favored over you and your needs are not being met. Your positive response will depend upon your age.

  1. Watch your life unfold and be as objective as possible. Babies and younger children do need more attention.
  2. Bring your concern to your parent and try your best to accept their response, hoping they are positive and provide you with the truth.
  3. They may become defensive. This is common and just because they are an adult does not mean they do not make mistakes. Resist bringing up your perceived unfairness again to save yourself from more of your parent’s anger, berating and potential to be blamed for the circumstances unfairly.
  4. Understand that this is your life and you have much to learn from this difficult situation. Rather than become sullen and negative, join the family as it is and be hopeful that you will all grow together.
  5. Find your position in life and embrace being an older sibling who responds with love and understanding.
  6. People are not perfect but you may still live your life with true character. You must choose to be independent, productive and successful. Your parents may behave with limited truth and character but instead of behaving like them you may be a role model for your younger siblings and the community.
  7. Realize that no one owes you happiness. You must find it in and among all of your life experiences. Once you become an adult, YOU are responsible for you.
  8. Forgive everyone involved and give thanks for the difficult lessons that you learned.
  9. Be a mentor. Be a good parent. Be empathetic to those who have had difficult childhoods or people who have parented with favoritism and conflict.
  10. Be God, for God.

Your mother is acutely ill. You have siblings but it seems that no one is stepping forward to help you with her demanding care. You work full time and have a family of your own. You have noticed that stress has taken a toll on your emotional and physical health.

You will not be able to step away from your mother with a good conscience. If you are not there for her, no one is. Make time to visit with your siblings and attempt to make a care schedule so that everyone is responsible for some of her care. Try to confirm their involvement. If they do not follow through with their commitment, your mother will miss appointments or not have everything that she needs.

Stay positive. If no one else will offer help and if you do it, at least you know it has been done.  You may want to give up and do it all yourself, but your siblings’ bad behavior will exclude them from her care, which is likely what they want.

You may also be responsible for your mother and her treatment and a family member may barge in and try to make important decisions without having any prior knowledge about her care. Do you back up and allow them to participate? Do you remain responsible? Either way you must live with your decision. If you back out and her care goes sideways, you must realize that bad decisions were made and you were not a party to it. Release any guilt you may feel because you chose to become less involved.

If you stay responsible, you may be a target for friends and family who feel they know more about what should or shouldn’t be done for her. You will accrue the blame for things that go wrong or mistakes in decision-making. You must own your decision and release any guilt that others may push upon you. You were the one that was there for her and you did your best. There also could be a combination of all possibilities. Various people are involved and her care depends upon the decisions made by different people.

It is also possible that YOU wish to remain uninvolved in your mother’s care and do things to stay out of it. You have decided that you don’t want any “burden.” You may butt in to her care with unwanted advice or you may stay completely uninvolved.

The experience of your mother being ill is a teaching tool for you and all of your family members. Being open to conflict and contrast will bring you the best chances for learning your intended lessons. God would have you respond in positive and proactive ways. None of your loved ones are ever a burden.

  1. A journal of care is started and all of her medications, medical appointments and anything significant are documented. No one starts any conflict because each of you is making decisions to the best of your ability. You are supportive of one another and give each other respite when needed. Your mother receives good care and you and your family members are attentive to her and each other.
  2. Forgiveness is necessary. You need to forgive yourself for your own perception of what mistakes you may have made. Your family members must be forgiven for being inappropriately involved, completely uninvolved and/or being emotionally unavailable.
  3. Many lessons are learned. You may step forward and assist others when they are met with taking care of an older parent or loved one. You will understand all sides of the possible continuum. They may wish to be very involved, somewhat involved or completely absent from care.
  4. Part of your learning is facing some issues you may have about your mother, your relationship with her and your lack of forgiveness and understanding for the mistakes that she made. You have chosen to take the higher road and be attentive to her while releasing your need to be acknowledged regarding ways in which she may have mistreated or neglected you. She is human and fallible.
  5. You understand her limitations and realize that you are less than perfect as well. If she had choices to make all over again, she may have done things differently. Or, you realize that she likely would make the same mistakes in your life but you are grateful for the chance to learn.
  6. You accept that taking care of elderly, sick or disabled loved ones requires a lot of time and attention. You release your feelings of self-pity and become responsible and reliable. You make adjustments to your own life and try to minimize the disruption to your own spouse and children. Your honor comes from being a soldier of God and fully capable of helping those in need. Others see your strength and decide to carry on in your absence.
  7. Your own children learn by example. They stand strong in the world and meet challenges with grace. Loved ones need their attention and they are happy to contribute. They do not demean themselves or the person in need. They know that God is in the details and they are eager to learn from contrast and experience.
  8. You realize that it is truly your feelings of self-pity that actually creates your negative attitude and struggle. If you were to embrace your responsibilities you would only find strength, endurance and character.
  9. If you had a disabled child, the responsibility of their care would be automatic. The care of loved ones may also be implied and understood. The family and extended family are a soul group. You each agreed to present on earth to meet these challenges together. Being petty and childish was not charted or expected.
  10. Be God, for God.


Your Soul Journey

You were never promised that this journey would be easy. If it weren’t challenging you would learn very little. You currently don’t realize how much you stand in your own way. It is your fear, anxiety, emotional pain and even vengeance that blocks your forward progress.

If you were able to look at just the lesson and relieve yourself of the baggage of hurt, turmoil and judgment, you would move so much faster. Why are you always holding your breath? Life will not impact you if you accept and absorb it. Steadying yourself for damage will always bring you damage. It is your perspective that really needs to change.

An example is injury or abuse in childhood.

  1. The lesson is to learn how to value yourself and not accept the hurtful opinion of someone else. Is there some truth to their words? Then, make changes. Are they purposely hurtful? Let it go.
  2. Avoid harming your own children in such a way.
  3. Be able to speak to others who have experienced this same turmoil.
  4. Be able to speak to those who have caused this turmoil in the lives of their own children.
  5. Be able to forgive your own harmful adults and the people who have harmed their own loved ones.
  6. Give it all to God.

You see that there is no place for permanent injury, vengeance or wreaking havoc on your own children’s lives. These are all positive, proactive steps. God lives in each of these responses.

Your growth is intended to be stable, secure and grounded. You are surrounded by God and you behave as God. Acting out is not your way.

It matters not how your ancestors lived and behaved unless you are able to learn positive, uplifting qualities from them. You don’t “owe” anyone and retribution is not for you to serve. If you were taught anger or depression, you must do the work and learn tolerance and forgiveness.

If you cry and admonish your life every day, then you are doing something wrong. Everything is a lesson and an experience. It is like doing assignments when you were in school. You were given the experience and you responded. You were able to give an enlightened, mature response and received a passing grade. You submitted an immature, self-focused response and you did not pass and would be given the same type of experience again. If you still were unable to grow and learn from the experience, it would be a repeated cycle in your life until you reacted differently.

Some people never pass on certain goals. You see them all the time in your every day life. They choose the same partners, lose money in the same ways, suffer similar injuries, have tense relationships with the same people… They have not changed their perspective and continue to repeat the same circumstances. They may have had lofty, spiritual goals for this life but they were not able to overcome some basic stuff. A lot was left undone. They would likely have to reincarnate again and tackle the same goals.

This cycle has claimed many of you. Even now, as We attempt to break you free of dogma and self-serving behavior, you still cling to ineffective and unproductive behavior. We explain the steps to achieve a spiritually successful life in simple terms and you cling to what you feel, need and want. The idea of letting go of all of the repetitious cycles in your life is unnerving and scary. You feel you NEED all of the blockages just to get through a day.

The successful approach to life is to free yourself of expectations and ALLOW God and spirit to guide you. Imagine walking through life with two angels by your side. Are each of your responses to conflict and contrast something that these angels would accept as part of your journey to enlightenment? If you gossip at work, demean your child, steal money from aging adults… would these angels condone it? Are you on the right track? No.

The boundaries between good/bad, positive/negative and proactive/disruptive are very clear. You are not able to say you don’t understand the differences with your responses and responses condoned by angels, God and spirit. No one is buying this.

Meet each day with the intent of no do-overs. Be positive and proactive all day long. Meet each challenge and learn the lessons. Be able to spot your cycles and put an end to them. By living in the light you will be given more light. Along with this majestic energy comes your actual life goals. Nothing will bring you down because it was never intended to do so. It is all intended to teach you.

Relax and build your life within the light. Stop bracing for a collision because what happens to you is intended to happen. You asked for each experience so you may learn the lessons. Each life has a different roadmap of experiences. Being stuck in a rut means that you may be learning the same lessons over and over again. You already have these experiences from another life but through fear you keep relearning the same stuff. Rather than standing tall and meeting the world head on, you stoop and gaze at the ground shrouded in relearning things so far beneath your actual soul age. Why even be here if you want to duck out on the real intent of this life?

You are strong, spiritual, enlightened and destined to make some important progress in your own life and those of your loved ones as well. You are here to make an impact and bring about astonishing change. You wanted to be here to teach love, understanding and forgiveness.

This journey is not disguised by menial, petty activity. Shake off the dogma and gain access to reform, redemption, and self-actualization. Be the light that you seek and refuse to be limited by things that you have already learned. There is a joy in life that God has given to each of you. Once you have released the fear and relaxed your white-knuckled grip, you will find it and be bathed in the glory.

Then, if you begin to repeat those meaningless cycles, be able to recognize this and again push to find the glory in each day and quest for your true goals. You came here to earth to matter and be productive. Every lesson is to be met, embraced and learned from. Then, these lessons build one upon the other and you will be able to meet God in heaven.

The stairway you have been building leads nowhere and you have spent valuable time building and rebuilding it. Do not let this be your legacy. Embrace your path and be who you intended to be. You will always have Our love. God will support and embrace you still. The difference is you will live genuine, honest and ambitious. No more dark and deceptive behavior. You’re only hurting yourself. It is Our goal to show you the way.

Aunt Marian 0.1

My aunt passed on June 6th and she visited me this Saturday. That was fast but I am assured this was because she was ready to transition back to the Other Side. Today’s post is from her.

This is good advice to family, friends and loved ones, which includes you!

  1. Look for the purpose of your tears. There are lessons to be learned behind sadness, sorrow and even joy. You experience these emotions for specific reasons and if you don’t seek those reasons you will have learned nothing.
  2. Be prepared for things to happen. Set roots and be strong. Don’t just loosely follow along. If you don’t withstand any impact, who you are will be too vulnerable to your life, experiences and environment.
  3. Everything is ok. Be reassured that your life happens as expected. You are simultaneously learning and in control. There really is nothing that occurs haphazardly.
  4. Hope- it all works out. This is what life is.
  5. You give too much of yourself away. Somehow you diminish who you are in order to be subservient to others. There is no need for this. Keep your strength and lead rather than bow down.
  6. Help others and expect help when you need it. Don’t identify your needs and who will come through for you. Simply allow the universe to bring you help from many different sources.
  7. Don’t hold desperately to what you have. This is the surest way to lose it. Hold on loosely and expect to have everything you need. If you do lose something it is because you will be given something greater.
  8. Live off part of your income and set some aside.
  9. You are a part of many human chains for many purposes. You tend to limit who you are and what you are capable of. Open up rather than pinpoint your focus. You are needed in many more areas than what you are currently aware of.
  10. Keep love in your heart. Even when you are hurt or ashamed, be kind and forgiving.
  11. Miracles happen all of the time but you have to sensitive to the possibilities. Most of them are small and seemingly insignificant yet essential to the world. Expecting giant, broad-sweeping miracles will seldom be answered.
  12. Carry your own weight for as long as you can.
  13. Suffer losses and be sensitive to it but regroup quickly. You gather strength through adversity. By meeting your challenges and working through them, you gain valuable life experience and knowledge. No loss should be suffered without learning from it.
  14. Save “enough” but still live a fulfilling life.
  15. Give yourself an “out” when people intend upon exhausting you.
  16. Always share what you have more than enough of.
  17. People will bring you down if you let them.
  18. Share your beliefs with those who need something to believe in.
  19. Energy is fluid. Be sensitive to the good times and the bad, it is all a part of the process. Each type of lesson is important to learn.
  20. Travel is ok. But, invest more of your energy in “home.”
  21. Relax and celebrate often enough to release your unhappiness. If you never let your guard down, joy will be lost to you as well.
  22. Healing others brings healing to you.
  23. Sometimes turning the key is the most stressful part of opening a new door. There may be joy and love inside and fret was wasted.

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